November 27, 2012

What Happened....

Well as you can see we have not posted here in out two weeks. Well long story short,

Roboteer was soaked by a minecraft hurricane.
BBV returned to his old blog (sorta).
Ice and Icicle melted.
I was accidentally deleted as an author by BBV (He sent me a request to return but I lost the email for a while)
And the other authors went to youtube because its easier.

November 14, 2012

Au Revoir

First, I have to apologise to the Arctic Nerf crew, as I've decided that I am leaving it , with my authors , without the ices , it wouldn't feel right, so bye bye. My blog is
Bye! Really sorry

November 9, 2012

Address Change

Hey guys, at the end of this month, Arctic Nerf will be reverting back to it's blogger address: This is the start of a few changes to the site that are coming about as a result of myself and Icicle slowing our Nerf habits. I recently launched a small business, ramsbarry technologies, which has been taking most of my time. Plus, I lost interest in much of the nerf field. With Nerf Mods and Reviews' recent revival, we feel that the modding community will be left in good hands after we leave. The other authors here will still post and we will post from time to time, but not as much as we once did. On a side note: ramsbarry Technologies can fix your iPod, iPhone or iPad screen. 4th generation iPod repairs start at $65, with a wide range of colors available for slightly more. The ramsbarry site launches soon. For now, contact me at for more information.