December 16, 2011

Nerf Jolt Review and Mod Guide

I'll start off today's review with this: this little sucker packs a punch! It comes with the Nerf Jolt EX-1 and 2 whistler darts. Very good blaster for the price. $5 for a springer single shot that shoots 20-30 feet. To cock it you pull down the priming handle and pull the trigger to fire. Very nice single shot blaster. I'd pick one up if you can get one. I'm putting mine in my Nerf Nova Rev-10,an upcoming mod, so be sure to watch out for it. I rate the Jolt a 4 out of 5. Very nice range and is quite cheap. I'd get it ASAP.

Modding tutorial after the split.

Step 1: Well duh! Get a Jolt!
Step 2: Get out the internals assembly. The blaster doesn't come apart. The internals are in the handle. Unscrew that.
Step 3: Now concentrate on the barrel. I drilled it clear. Nothing in there now. I can shove a streamline in there.

Step 4: Get out the air restrictor. Just drill it out or something.
Step 5: Get a tek 6 spring. In the guide I used the person said reads 12,rogue,etc.
Step 6: Unscrew the internals cap. Get out the stock spring and put in the tek 6 spring.
Step 7: Screw the cap back on. Might be a decent challenge.
Step 8: Put back in the internals. With the tek 6 spring in it is a challenge.

Your done!!!!!!
Flat-35 feet
Angle-40 feet
Large Angle-45 feet
Flat-20 feet
Angled-30 feet


  1. Really, i dont see modding it, once i get one.
    They are nice stock so i wouldnt bother but good mod.

  2. Nice mod, Portal. I did this a few weeks ago, without the the spring replacement. Just a tip-don't shove the streamline all the way down or else it'll make a mark on the back of the dart.-Awesomeness

  3. Yeah. The barrel isn't ALL clear. In the pic you can see some plastic. I recommend you drill it ALL clear.

  4. awesome blog guys ^_^

  5. Just picked a couple up. Thanks for the mod post & comments.