December 19, 2011

Reveiw: Modded Quadshot (5) *update*

Hey guys, its Plopper. I'm a new author on this blog. Here are some pictures of my modded quadshot, check it out after the split.

The quadshot its self. The stock is removed so i could fit the quadshot in the frame

No more airzone logo!

The barrel spacer. Just a 3/4 inch pvc pipe wraped in duct tape( i dont know why) Two of the barrels are not straight. Oh well!
Internals. I putted some foam in the back of the gun to decrease vibration. (bad idea) This thing has a huge plunger!
Spring combo.
Stock, raider, and stampede spring. Gets a close enough seal.

I apologize if the pics are crapy, My cameras acting weird :p
The gun gets 80 ft flat and 90 ft angled. This is my new secondary.
I might get another one and mod it differently... look forward to the 2.0. I'll post the link to it when i get it.
More mods and reviews coming soon! Cheers!
*update* Sorry for the update, but i forgot to say that its rear loading. My bad. :S

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