December 5, 2011


This was first written for my dad. It was first not supposed to be on here until I read it and thought it would be good. I thought it would be a good article for Arctic Nerf. It is also on Nerf and Stuff. Please tell me if it sounds like a kept repeating stuff in this. So without further adeiou here is the article.
     All mods started the same way. A person gets an idea on what something could be and make it do that. Take the clip-fed barricade mod for example. The idea was make a clip-fed semi-auto pistol. Did it work? Success. Modding can be as simple as a voltage increase or as challenging as an integration but all started as ideas.My Nova is a new idea. Take a maverick and put a barricade barrel in it and integrate a Jolt. Even though it's never been done before doesn't mean it won't work. Is modding a blaster worthwhile? To a certain extent,yes. In modding you can show your creativity. You can see if what you want to do is possible. Find the blaster's limits. There's no limit on what you can and can't do. If it's a new mod you figure out if you can do it. If it works,other people can expand on it and make it better. It could be a ridiculous idea but if it works it's another milestone. Every mod is a milestone. The idea of modding is to make something better. Push its limits. Make something new out of it. Even if it fails it's still a success. You can learn what you did wrong. Improve on it. There are hundreds of mods out there just because someone tried. Any mod can turn from an idea to actually working. All because that person tried. If it works or fails you still learn something from it.

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