March 24, 2012

Recon Pistol

The whole reason I made this is because my magwell got screwed up when I tried to put a laser tag blaster into it. it didn't work out as I had hope but it led me to make a Recon pistol. I kept the hole in the bottom to allow for easier loading. This currently can vacuum load. due to the white lithium grease in the plunger tube. The dart in the video didn't vacuum load because it is an older dart. If you have a newer dart it will vacuum load.

March 22, 2012

Back home and modding!

I am back!! I have been on a long vacation, (well not from school but you get the picture) in Hawaii. So, I have some new mods coming!!! Such as,
Heavily modified nerf nightfinder
My personal nightstrike.
HvZ themed nightfinder
My crossfinder
Singled maverick
Rebarreled tech target
Highly modded nerf strikefire.
and more!

Well that was fast!!

And we are now at 20 followers! and using a handy random number generator We have a winner! Bobby Boy!! you will be receiving a free commission from me! to everyone else there will be another giveaway at 35 followers, so you will have another chance to win! Thank you to all of you for supporting us and a huge thanks to Imodify for spreading the word about our blog.

Until next time stay cool-Icicle-  

March 21, 2012

Free commission!! and more news

If you didn't notice the poll on the side of the blog, then you should know that the poll was asking when you would like a free commission. The options were at 10,000 views and at 20 followers. The results showed that you want it at 20 followers, since we are currently 11 followers we need your help. 

If you want this free commission then spread the word about this blog. The more followers we get the more free commissions we give out! I know that the production of this blog has gone down, but I am working on TONS of Nerf stuff so there should be more posts soon.

Also in a past post I said my radioactive longhsot would have a cpvc breech, but I changed my mind and decided to just put a stub of brass in the existing breech However I will be putting a cpvc breech in my Halo Longhsot once I start on it. I plan on it being more of a sniper rifle than a battle rifle as it will feature a prototype cpvc breech that Ice has come up with.                    
Until next time stay cool-Icicle

March 20, 2012

Modified streamline

An easy and quick way to mod your darts.

Nerf closet

this is all of my nerfing gear minus the stuff that is in my work shop.

Speedload 6 review

First off, I want to say sorry to Ice for posting a water gun review, I did not know better. :)

Today we are looking at nerf dart tag speedload 6. This blaster utilizes the integrated clip system that the 2011 dart tag uses.

This blaster also has slam-fire. I have heard that this blaster has the slowest slam fire of all the blasters but, I found that not to be true Ranges are anywhere from 25 - 32 feet here in Hawaii and 30 - 37 back at home in San Diego.
Modding potential includes, improving the seal, OMW spring replacement and removing the AR's.

This blaster also has a small jam door on the side to help remove a jam.

March 12, 2012

My longshot had a nuclear meltdown!

So I have been working on my longshot for over 2 months, when something crazy happened. I found the greatest looking paint ever! It is made by krylon and looks epic. I was hoping this was a different color than it was, but it worked out better than I hoped. Of course there is a down side to all of this. Only one side is done. So I still need to work on the other half but this turned out so well that I had to show this off. I used an enamel paint set to touch up little spots I missed. I cut off the front bipod because I thought it looks better without it. The stock has an identical paint job done too it. All the other parts are still getting painted so they will be awhile as well. Overall I love this blaster so much this I hope will be a NIC quality blaster when I'm done with it. I hope to give it a CPVC breech as well as a k26 spring. So this should pack some punch.

Look out for a halo style longshot after I'm done with this one.