May 31, 2012

Search it up!

So me, portal, and C-dog were at C-dog central (NM&R got trolled) talking about Nerf News. I have been mentioned in a few NM&r posts for finding info, when UT and Basic nerf could do it why couldn't we. I later found out how easy it was just to let someone else do it and just click the links. Trust me guys, its not that hard I'll throw up some links to get you started.

Google Images

May 29, 2012

Nerf Maxforce Mad Hornet Review!

Hey Guy Frost_Nerfer here, today's post is about the vintage Nerf Max Force Mad Hornet.

I got this in a craigslist lot, the blaster itself was $6 dollars but the whole thing was $60 for a ton of blasters.

This blaster is in great condition, all 4 stickers are on it.
      How this blaster works is the fun part, you pump it 20 - 25 times to get 6 dart semi auto awesome, then load the turret again, pump it 0 - 2 times for more 6 dart semi auto awesome. Some people think its like a AT3K in the fact you pump it 2 -3 times then fire one shot.

Ranges: The ranges are about 30 with suctions, 35 -40 with streamlines and taggers, and 40 - 45 with stefans.

turret view :P


This blaster is a great one in my books :)

May 25, 2012

My Nerf Arsenal

  • longshot cs 6!!!!!!! Coming soon mine 
  • 2 spectre rev 5s mine and his 
  • 2 reflex ix 1s mine and his both are broken 
  • 1 scout/sspb Ix 3 modded mine 
  • 2 recon cs6 my brothers is broken 
  • 1 furyfire 1 broken his is broken 
  • 4 nightfinders all modded 3 are mine 
  • 2 alpha troopers mine and my brothers 
  • a clear vulcan and project vulk 
  • a stampede (share) 
  • A dartag swarmfire RV 20 modded to shoot streamlines (share) 
  • 1 hornet as 6 (mine) 
  • 1 reactor ( The new non - discontinued one) (little 3yr old bros) 
  • 1 magstrike as 10 (my brothers) 
  • Speedload 6 modded to fire streamlines (mine) 
  • 1 longstrike cs6 (his) 
  • 2x barricade rv 10s one mine one his 
  • 2 old red and blue hyperfires (share) 
  • 1 T.I.T.A.N. asv 1 (mine) broken 
  • 1 Radier cs 35. (his) 
  • 5 mavericks..... 4 modded and one stock gear up 
  • Mad hornet (mine) 
  • Blast a matic (share) 
  • Puslsator (mine) 
  • HvZ Firefly (mine) 
  • tech target pistol (blue) modded (mine) missing 
  • 1 Lanard maxshot modded (mine) 
  • 2 strikefires (both modded) 
  • Deploy cs 6 SONIC (share) 
  • Vortex vigilon (mine) 
  • Vortex praxis (his) 
  • Rapid fire 20 (mine) 
  • Super soaker hydro fury (share) 
  • Super soaker bottle blitz (share) 
  • 2 auto tommy 20's (share) 
  • Rapid blast (mine) 
  • Powerstrike 48 (mine) not working 
  • Super soaker point break (mine) 
  • Shot blast ?!?!?! soon 
  • Xploders X stormer 1000 (mine) 
  • Barbairian modded (mine) 
  • Sharp shot modded (mine) 
  • 2x airzone quick fire 6s (share) 
  • 2 switchshots one modded one stock. 
  • Airzone dual blast x1 
  • 2x pop shots (share) 
  • 2x buzz bee rouges (share) 
  • I have a target gift card.... MORE BLASTERS!!!! 
  • Sorry for the weird background, 
  • Count how many working blasters there are for a free promo....... DO IT NOW!~~~~~~~ 

May 24, 2012

Buzz Bee Dart Mod

This mod is so simple it hurts! These are the materials needed.
1x scissors and it is up to you how many buzz bee darts.
Nerf suction do not have enough weight in them fo it to make a difference..

So now what?

Snip snip snip.
Finished product. Now you may wonder, "Does it do anything?".
Range differences.
HvZ NF normal/45feet modded/60 feet
Maverick (stock gear up) normal/25 - 30ft    modded/ 35ft

So yes it does make quit a difference.


May 19, 2012

11,111 pageviews

Hey guys frost here, so I was looking at the pageviews and I started loling when I saw 11,111 pageviews, but any ways thanks guys for the support. Frost out *******

May 18, 2012

Scoutstrike? SSPB/Scout integration

Hey guys, Frost here and today I'll be talking about my SSpb/scout (name unchosen)
So I was on youtube  and I saw T13's reflex/sspb, I later found out that a scout/sspb was a first.

Mods done: Scout: AR removal, seal improvement and 3 pennies behing the spring.
SSPB: minimized, I need help with SSPB knowledge how do you make a  sucky sspb (15ft- 25ft and needs 20 - pumps) fire over 50 feet?.

Ranges: Scout: 35 - 50 depending on darts.
SSPB: 25 - 30 depending on darts - (update) I followed R5's advice which was quite silly but hey it worked.

                                             Can't see that SSPB well can you. :P

May 17, 2012

HvZ NightFinder

Hey guys Frost Here, and I finally finished the HvZ NightFinder it holds not three but 15 darts!
There is another reason besides amount of darts it can hold that make it HvZ like.....

If you guessed Zombie - bit ammo holders & light you are correct. The colors scheme also helps. :P

Mods done, added NF and Pop Shot ammo holders: Ar's removed: added BBRFR spring and rubber washer and rubber ban addition.

product shot
Ranges 65 feet flat and 90 feet angled with Hot Glue stefans and T code streamlines.
And yep, I am
submitting it to NM&R! :)

May 16, 2012


I took the pic of the box art and ran it through an image enhancer and this is what I came up with.

May 15, 2012

Chatroll is gone!

It has been removed due to lack of use and as another way for people to troll this site.

Promo: NerfModNation

As some of you may know I author on 2 blog this being my main one, but the other ones name is I know it needs work but I am working on a better backround.
Oh and as you saw in the last 2 posts by icicle are old friend echo is back. He trolled my posts and we were having trouble deleting them so we terminated the posts. but yeah thats about it. :)


In light of the trolling that has taken place on AN there will be changes, effective right now all comments MUST be approved before they can be posted, and secondly all comments must be made with a GOOGLE ACCOUNT aka a blogger account. this was done to keep AN free of trolls, I am sorry that there have been changes, but please understand that I WILL NOT TAKE TROLLING!


Trolling will not be taken

----note minor language ahead-----

If you may have noticed that the last two posts were deleted this is not because they were bad posts but rather the comment delete button was not working. If you may recall about 8 months ago we had some issues with Echo of echo nerf, and he now hates us for some reason, the past trolling that has been posted I believe are from him, but if they are from some other d-bag they will receive the same treatment, from here on out anyone who acts like a d-bag and trolls on here will be BANNED from this site. I want to make this clear that I will not allow trolling on this site, anyone who does so will be felt with accordingly. This is a warning to all of the trolls out there, if you mess with AN you will pay the price.

Until next time, stay polite

May 9, 2012

Modified Nerf Sharp Shot!

Hey guys its Frost and I am sick so..... NEW POST TIME!!!
Today's post is on my modifed Sharp Shot.

Mods done: AR's removed NF spring replacement and 98% seal given.

The Ranges: On Average it gets 55ft flat with all kinds of darts, its very consistent.
Size: compared to nerf mace

Range Test Video, Ima 5'3 on a 6inch mound.


May 8, 2012

My Swarmfire

Hey guys its Frost and today I'll be reviewing my Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire.

As you can see its pretty beat - up from wars but it works flawlessly.

Mods done: I cut the pegs to make it streamline compatible.

Ranges are about 35 feet with the dart tag darts which is pretty solid.
Overall I would highly recommend this blaster.
FREEZE Don't leave until you leave a comment XD

May 7, 2012

Commissions now open :D

Hey guys its Frost_Nerfer and I am here to tell you I am now doing commissions for certain blasters.
I'll do anything to your pistol to make it fire the range requested (please nothing ridiculous) here are some general prices.

NF = $8 - 20 depending if your supplying the blaster or not.
Reverse plunger pistol (Strikefire, Sharp Shot, Scout etc.) I cant supply these except the sharp shot. 10$
Mavericks $10 - 20 again, depending on if your suppling or not
I'll do more but you can tell me what you want.
I do more but contact me on youtube for exact details
Frost out

May 3, 2012

I am back!! :)

  I am back in action and ready to post more, if you dont know already I deleted my youtube account due to reasons I dont want to talk about but I'll be back on in late September when I am by law allowed to have a youtube by age. So look out for my posts, Frost out :)

May 2, 2012

I have a hard life

I have seen a lot of people hating lately on the lack of posts lately, I can explain the lack of posts. Ice has been grounded and has no access to post. As for me I have a very complicated life at the moment, I'm in the progress of moving across the country and leaving my life behind. At first the moving stuff went smoothly and I expected to settle into my new life rather quickly, but fast forward 8 months and still working on moving. I haven't seem my father much because he is working across the country. My father and I were always close, I hoped that the move be over quickly and I would get to see my father again. But the move has damaged my relationship with him. And to add on top of that my school has taken a blow because I have so much on my mind, I could very well fail several subjects because of this. This adds to my worries in life, because this doesn't look good on a college application. The icing on the misery cake is that I have to leave a girl I really like. So what I'm getting at is make sure that you know the whole story before you jump to conclusions because you will never know the whole story. So stop with all the hate unless you want to put yourself in my shoes, and let me tell you, these are shoes you don't want to be in.