December 30, 2011


I had a request a while back to post a dartsmithing guide. For those of you who don't know, dartsmithing is the process of making your own darts. Typically, these homemade darts are cheaper and more accurate than stock darts, but your range might drop. I was able to find everything I needed to make these darts at my local hardware store. I also found the same items at Lowe's. Full list of necessary items, and the dartsmithing guide after the split.

December 23, 2011


As you may have noticed, we recently lost four authors: 1337Wolf, Shadow_Blaze, Plopper4568 and Portal. A comment on plopper's ''I quit'' post (Which was deleted by Icicle for unknown reasons) said ''I fear this is the beginning of the end'', I can assure you that it is not. Although the start of Universal Nerf has dealt a blow to Arctic Nerf, we are not going to shut down simply because we lost authors. AN started with three friends who wanted a place to share their mods.Although we have grown since then, our primary purpose has stayed the same. We have deleted all authors other than myself and Icicle. The remaining authors were deleted because they had not posted yet. We are still open to anyone who wants to join. We don't ask for any more than a post per month. The one advantage we have to offer is that Universal Nerf only posts what they like, we allow anyone to post anything about Nerf. Also, a new bonus: If you are a good author, you will receive Administrator status and an email address.

Again, AN will survive, we're just back to where we started. Thanks for reading.

December 21, 2011

Awesome stampede deal

Hey, DarthRambo has found an extraordinary deal on the Nerf Stampede at Target. It's only available online. It comes with a tactical vest, for a total savings of $60 compared to buying separately. Here's the link: Nerf stampede bundle.

December 20, 2011

Manta NiteFinder and more

A few weeks back, I found a twin NiteFinder pack at Aldi for $10. I couldn't decided what I wanted to do with them though. I was considering making a new, longer plunger tube to increase the range (People have reported up to 120' ranges!). I also considered making another minimized gun. But then, Icicle found a better idea, so I got to work.
(For those of you who missed it, here was my original post about modding NiteFinders: LINK)

Nerf Rayven Price

As most of you know the Rayven is now for sale at, but there is a cheaper way to get it than the 40 dollar price tag that amazon has on their' has one for 30 dollars.
So if you're tight on money choose the cheaper site, or if you want the more reputable dealer choose amazon.

Review: Modded Whiteout Nitefinder

This is my modded nitefinder. The title says all. Check the pics after the split.

December 19, 2011

Reveiw: Modded Quadshot (5) *update*

Hey guys, its Plopper. I'm a new author on this blog. Here are some pictures of my modded quadshot, check it out after the split.

December 16, 2011

Nerf Jolt Review and Mod Guide

I'll start off today's review with this: this little sucker packs a punch! It comes with the Nerf Jolt EX-1 and 2 whistler darts. Very good blaster for the price. $5 for a springer single shot that shoots 20-30 feet. To cock it you pull down the priming handle and pull the trigger to fire. Very nice single shot blaster. I'd pick one up if you can get one. I'm putting mine in my Nerf Nova Rev-10,an upcoming mod, so be sure to watch out for it. I rate the Jolt a 4 out of 5. Very nice range and is quite cheap. I'd get it ASAP.

Modding tutorial after the split.

December 15, 2011

Nerf Vortex Lumitron

First,thanks Jetcell for finding the link. I'll have it at the end of this article. This is the Vortex Lumitron. A recolored Praxis with a 10 shot clip. This gun features glow in the dark tech similar to the Rayven. I honestly hope Nerf doesn't continue this idea. The Praxis ( err,I mean Lumitron)looks nice in those colors and the rayven also is pretty cool but I'm not a fan of this glow in the dark stuff.
Vortex Lumitron
The description on Amazon says "Glow-in-the-dark blasting action takes disc-blasting to a whole new level! Lumitron features a 10-disc Firefly Tech magazine which charges 10 glow-in-the-dark discs (included). Also features unique Firefly inspired deco."

December 10, 2011

Universal Nerf

Bazookafied, Triangle and JetCell have come together to make a new blog, where you are the author! If you're interested, check out

In other news, the Zeus punched a hole through a two-liter bottle filled with water. Definitely not a gun for wars. If you make one, don't shoot it at people. Ever. 

December 9, 2011

Opinions and Thoughts:Longshots;Why are they so important?

The Longshot. One of the best Nerf blasters. Or supposedly. You may have one and think to yourself,"It's just as good as my other Nerf blasters." Well,it turns out that from what I've read they can be very powerful modded. But if you don't mod,I understand. I got a yellow one before. It's a nice blaster. Adjustable stock,front gun,bipod, and it looks like a sniper rifle. The only main thing I don't like is because when you fire it it makes a sproing sound. There are many mods for the longshot,but as I said before,if you don't mod,it's of no use. I have to agree with UT on this one,it may be a sniper rifle but unless you can mod or attend nerf wars, you're better off with a Recon. Sure it's a sniper rifle,sure it has a bipod,sure the stock is nifty,sure it comes with a front gun, but unless you use it in a large space,it just doesn't matter. It's a nice gun,but for some it doesn't work. It's the second longest nerf blaster. You do an inside nerf war,and it might hinder you. So unless you do outside wars or mod, this blaster ain't that special.

December 8, 2011

December 5, 2011

Nova to Dark Horizon

I am very sorry to say the Nova has been merged with the Dark Horizon. Due to complications with the barricade barrel it will now have 2 mav barrels. If you have seen drac's shadow spectre you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm sorry for the dissapointment. It's just too much work and not enough experience.The Dark Horizon will still have the Jolt integration but a different paint scheme.


This was first written for my dad. It was first not supposed to be on here until I read it and thought it would be good. I thought it would be a good article for Arctic Nerf. It is also on Nerf and Stuff. Please tell me if it sounds like a kept repeating stuff in this. So without further adeiou here is the article.

December 4, 2011

Recent Projects (WARNING: Picture overload)

Hey guys, just wanted to share some pictures of new projects as well as improvements to past designs. Also, for those of you who have wanted to see my old Pump-Action longshot, there are a few pictures of that too.

Pictures and descriptions after the split.

We burnt a hole for the charger port here.

This is the actual battery pack we added. It was around 4.7v. Icicle still uses the stock battery pack with it.

Minimized Scout


Sanded off the logo and "Do Not Modify" stuff

Pump Action Recon. I used half of a broken recon on the pump, the other half will go on a clipped Barricade.


Primed, zoomed in.

Special raised coloring technique. All those splashes rise up from the gun.

The other side.

Longshot, I ran PlexiGlass from the handle of the front gun (Integration) to the priming area. I then secured it with a 8-32 rod. I also had to drill out some of the rail so that the front gun handle could move back far enough. Writeup for this coming soon. And no, that is not me in the picture. That would be my sister, who used this gun for a photography project. These were the only pictures I could find of this gun.

From this view you can see a small red button on the handle, that activated the three blue LED's I had on the front of the gun. Why blue? Blue LED light makes the Nerf orange faintly glow in the dark. So at night, you could find where people are hiding by scanning with the lights.

That's all for now, might post more pics soon as well as a large guide to modding your longshot! Including CPVC breech and pump action mods.

From the *coolest* guy on the internet, 

December 3, 2011

Custom Maverick: Dusk Gyre-VI

      The Dusk Gyre-VI is a custom Maverick made by Shadow_Blaze.  It has been sanded with 100-grit sandpaper followed by 220-grit to smooth it up a bit.  It has a flat black acrylic base coat, and detailing has been done with mixtures of black and gloss light grey, and Robin's Egg Blue.  All weathering has been done with a mixture of black and silver.  I have also added craft foam to the slide and pistol grip for easier handling.
     It shoots 25 feet flat, rather disappointing but I blame the old spring; this was a thrift store find for $2.  Internal mods include removal of Air-Restrictors and Dart Pegs, gluing of the slip-clutch for more reliable barrel rotation, the penny mod and catch spring addition, barrel drop extension, and all Teflon tape seal.

December 2, 2011

New Address!

Hey guys, I am proud to announce that our site can now be accessed via the link Also, we have new contact information. I can be reached at, Icicle can be contacted at and if you have questions, comments, want a commission or just want to talk to us both, we can both be reached at will still bring you to this site, will just be a new, easier way to access our site.

Stay cool!

Nerf Whiteout Spectre Rev-5 : Opinion and Thoughts: Is it real?

The Whiteout Spectre was first seen on Urbantaggers when they stumbled upon Indigo Studios,the makers of Nerf box art. They found many designs such as the Sonic series Longstrike which is out now. They also found this Spectre there too. Many of you know the repaint as one of the best, Whiteout. Exclusive to Walmart they are one of the nicest looking repaints ever made. As of now the Longstrike,Maverick,Deploy, and Nitefinder are out. But now you see this picture,a Whiteout Spectre. Many have asked if it is real. I firmly believe it is. Look at those other Indigo Studio's box arts. The sonic series Longstrike,Sonic series Barricade, they are all now available. Now you see the popularity of Whiteout blasters. Nerf Mods and Reviews have acquired all of the Whiteout blasters and have said they perform better then their other repaints. So now you see that Whiteout blasters are supposedly better. Now I think the box art looks quite final. I mean look right there. Looks the same to me. Now look at those other Indigo Studios blaster box arts. The blasters are now real. Now look at how final the box art for the Whiteout Spectre is. I think Nerf could pull it out for Christmas. Maybe even next year with some other Whiteout blasters. Do I think it's real? Yes. Could it go on store shelves soon? I'm sure of it. Will Urbantaggers get it before us to prove it's real? Probably.
Now you see my argument and it's your choice and opinion against mine. This is Portal signing out for this Opinions and Thoughts. Expect more in the future.

This post was first on Nerf and Stuff. New issues/articles in this series will begin next year.

December 1, 2011

Clip Fed Nitefinder prototype instructions

You have probably seen the post on my ideas and pics/drawings. Well,I'm not gonna keep putting off this post so here it is:

Step 1: Get Nitefinder and Speedload 6 or Quick 16.
Step 2: Mod your NF if you want to. I highly reccomend doing this.
Step 3: Chop away the front barrel area and take out light assembly. Keep ammo holders if wanted.
Step 4: Take out the Speedload 6 inbuilt clip or Quick 16 inbuilt clip.
Step 5: Get some PVC or whatever you make custom barrels out of and chop away the bottom part of it. That way the dart can be loaded in. Attach it to the internals so the blaster will still fire.
Step 6: Epoxy or attach the clip in. Keep the side loading thing so you can still load in darts that way.
Step 7: Make sure it works.

Disclaimer: I have not done this mod yet. These instructions are how I plan on doing it and am showing other people how so they can perfect it.

Result: A clip fed NF with a clip size of 6 or 16 shots.

If you do this mod please send me a pic of finished product and tell me if you changed anything.
I am not responsible for any broken nerf blasters.
This post was first on Nerf and Stuff.

NiteFinder Deal

I found a nitefinder twin-pack with small cardboard targets at Aldi's. At only $10, I could pass it up. I'll post pictures later. Both guns are yellow and come with three suction darts.