December 20, 2011

Review: Modded Whiteout Nitefinder

This is my modded nitefinder. The title says all. Check the pics after the split.

The gun itself. Just basic mods.

The other side.

The coupler
Very crappy keyring job.
With speedloader.

Gets 60ft. I only added a Reflex spring. It's a weak spring, so after I get a better one I'll get better ranges.Thats it for now. Cheers!



  1. I've always wondered, does the key ring hurt?
    Also, If you want a great spring, go to home depot and pick up a 25lbs handyman spring.
    They fit perfectly in a Nitefinder and come in a pack of 2.

  2. It dose hurt 'cuz of the hot glue in the front supporting the screw i putted on to make the keyring mod work.
    I can't get one cuz i have weak arms. I cant pull 25 lbs.
    But it is a good idea
    Also i know about the two pack nitefinder. They'er selling 'em at big lots for 14 bucks. I asked my parent to get the that for christmas! Although i might buy some springs from OMW.