December 20, 2011

Manta NiteFinder and more

A few weeks back, I found a twin NiteFinder pack at Aldi for $10. I couldn't decided what I wanted to do with them though. I was considering making a new, longer plunger tube to increase the range (People have reported up to 120' ranges!). I also considered making another minimized gun. But then, Icicle found a better idea, so I got to work.
(For those of you who missed it, here was my original post about modding NiteFinders: LINK)

First off: A little history.

In 1996 nerf released the Manta Ray. It featured two guns joined together. Both guns used the same handle with one trigger above your hand and one below. It also had a shield that many wars will let you use.

Icicle emailed me this link:, Lasagna had made a Manta  style NiteFinder. I had seen similar mods on NerfHaven, but I did not think it would work very well, as my hand wouldn't be able to reach both triggers. Lasagna pushed me over the edge though, and thus, I give you: The Manta'd NiteFinder!

The first step was to remove the air restrictors. In the first gun, I used a 1/2'' drill bit to drill out the back of the AR, then I used a 3/8'' bit to drill out the peg. As I was drilling the second gun, the Plunger Tube slipped in my hand and one of the wings from the tube ripped into my hand. So if you hold the tube while you drill, wear gloves. After I continued drilling, the glue broke. So I removed the rest of the AR with a knife. Pictures below.


Cut out.

There is only a slight difference between the two, but cut out is still better.

Next, I extended the draw. this is done by cutting off the old catch slot and making a new one. Be warned, if you mess up, your gun could be ruined.

First you cut off the small wings shown above.

Then cut a new notch roughly 1.75 cm from the plunger head. (3/4'' away)

Cut both guns as shown (Btw, this handle leaves just enough space to grip the gun. I smell a Nano-NiteFinder coming up!! Feel free to email me pictures if you minimize a NF after cutting the handle as shown above :D)

Later I made a better air seal on one of the guns using a custom cut gasket I made.

After you cut the guns, glue them into the Manta

This gun is awesome. It hits 70' flat and I haven't even upgraded the springs yet. I messed around cutting some suction cup darts for this gun, it seems to like them best when most of the head is cut off, so this gun likes light, tight darts. I plan to add a battery pack so that I can use one of the lasers and a flashlight. I'm almost done with the wiring, I should have an update about that all later this week. I also plan to add either a Home Depot spring, as suggested by Pause, or either a Ace #49 or a K26. If anyone has one of those springs that I could trade/buy/get as a Christmas present ( :D ) email me at 

Now onto the "And more" I cut the suction tip of of one of my darts, flipped it over and filled it with hot glue. It made an really heavy dart, but my NF didn't like it. It is much more aerodynamic than standard darts though, My titan will probably like the dart more, I just haven't tested it yet.

Shown: A stock sucker, a sucker with the tip cut off, a sucker with most of the head cut off and a sucker with a flipped cup and a BB.

I also found some pics of my recon (before the boltsled broke into THREE pieces)
With attachments, powerstock spring and detachable pump.

Side view with bipod and homemade darts (before I discovered felt padding)

Front view with bipod

Barrel attachment (Intended for accuracy, it failed) and 18 dart clip.

Another view. 

The tactical light was placed on upside down so that I could attach a pistol to the light.

Last: I was at target today and saw an 18 dart drum, it's kinda old news, but I thought it was cool.

Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. Hey Ice^3 I have a bunch of Home Depot springs but unless you want to pay for shipping from Hawaii, then you can have one. :)

  2. Also, may I ask how you get 70 feet out of just an AR modded Nitefinder?
    Mine is coupler'd, with an upgraded spring and seal and is only hitting 60 feet.

  3. I appreciate the offer, but Icicle has just purchased some K26 springs, so I'm covered. Also, my seal is airtight via a custom cut gasket and I used darts designed for this gun, thus: 70' ranges.