December 2, 2011

Nerf Whiteout Spectre Rev-5 : Opinion and Thoughts: Is it real?

The Whiteout Spectre was first seen on Urbantaggers when they stumbled upon Indigo Studios,the makers of Nerf box art. They found many designs such as the Sonic series Longstrike which is out now. They also found this Spectre there too. Many of you know the repaint as one of the best, Whiteout. Exclusive to Walmart they are one of the nicest looking repaints ever made. As of now the Longstrike,Maverick,Deploy, and Nitefinder are out. But now you see this picture,a Whiteout Spectre. Many have asked if it is real. I firmly believe it is. Look at those other Indigo Studio's box arts. The sonic series Longstrike,Sonic series Barricade, they are all now available. Now you see the popularity of Whiteout blasters. Nerf Mods and Reviews have acquired all of the Whiteout blasters and have said they perform better then their other repaints. So now you see that Whiteout blasters are supposedly better. Now I think the box art looks quite final. I mean look right there. Looks the same to me. Now look at those other Indigo Studios blaster box arts. The blasters are now real. Now look at how final the box art for the Whiteout Spectre is. I think Nerf could pull it out for Christmas. Maybe even next year with some other Whiteout blasters. Do I think it's real? Yes. Could it go on store shelves soon? I'm sure of it. Will Urbantaggers get it before us to prove it's real? Probably.
Now you see my argument and it's your choice and opinion against mine. This is Portal signing out for this Opinions and Thoughts. Expect more in the future.

This post was first on Nerf and Stuff. New issues/articles in this series will begin next year.

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