December 9, 2011

Opinions and Thoughts:Longshots;Why are they so important?

The Longshot. One of the best Nerf blasters. Or supposedly. You may have one and think to yourself,"It's just as good as my other Nerf blasters." Well,it turns out that from what I've read they can be very powerful modded. But if you don't mod,I understand. I got a yellow one before. It's a nice blaster. Adjustable stock,front gun,bipod, and it looks like a sniper rifle. The only main thing I don't like is because when you fire it it makes a sproing sound. There are many mods for the longshot,but as I said before,if you don't mod,it's of no use. I have to agree with UT on this one,it may be a sniper rifle but unless you can mod or attend nerf wars, you're better off with a Recon. Sure it's a sniper rifle,sure it has a bipod,sure the stock is nifty,sure it comes with a front gun, but unless you use it in a large space,it just doesn't matter. It's a nice gun,but for some it doesn't work. It's the second longest nerf blaster. You do an inside nerf war,and it might hinder you. So unless you do outside wars or mod, this blaster ain't that special.


  1. That last sentence was worded funny.

  2. The longshot is the best blaster. AR removal, 3b spring addition, frontgun integration, and right there, you got a HvZ primary