November 29, 2011

Nerf Nova mod

This is a drawing of what the Nova should be. The mod is a maverick with a jolt integration,barricade barrel, and a tactical rail in a different place. In the maverick handle Portal will be written in it but above the handle there is no blue. I have no idea what there should be there. So I guess post in the comments what should be there. The pic has the almost final paintjob. Somethings might change through the modding time. It will begin on Monday and will be finished at latest spring. Earliest January hopefully.

November 28, 2011

I'm back and double your darts

Yes I'm back and LOTS better. Either that or getting there. I'm not going to bore you with some speech so here's an article instead:)
I've found these at Walmarts for the past 3 weeks. Nothing new except more darts and different blasters. Once again,the maverick is in the lineup but the longstrike and deploy are new. I don't think I'm gonna get one even the maverick. I guess it's great because I mean,who wouldn't want free extra darts?

November 26, 2011

OMW Sale

Hey guys! Orange Mod Works is having a week long Black Friday sale! Each day there is a new sale. Details below

Hey Orange fans,
Our Black Friday deals are starting NOW... and you don't have
to stand in line. :) We are going to run one spectacular deal per
day for 7 days straight. Kick off the Holiday season with an OMW
kit or two for yourself or the Nerf modder in your life! Each day's
deal will be posted by 2 A.M. CST on this page:


Here is a little "preview" for each day's deal:

November 25th - Recon Metal Madness - *Live Now*!
November 26th - Stage One Stockpile
November 27th - Spring Fling
November 28th - Orange Bucks & Trigger Raffle
November 29th - Cyber Monday Mystery Gift
November 30th - Massacre Medley
December 1st - Longshot Bonus

Friday's deal: Buy Unleashed stages 1 & 2 kits for Nerf Recon and
get a FREE metal trigger PLUS a $5 Coupon for future purchases.
This is your chance to pick up the Recon metal trigger if you
missed it the first time around.

Saturday's Deal:

Buy all 4 of our Stage 1 Kits (Recon, Alpha Trooper, Longstrike,
and Raider) for $59.99 - Save $13.97! Great gift for a Nerf modder
new to the hobby. Click below to jump on today's deal:


Will update as more Info comes in. On the OMW Facebook page, you can speculate about what each deal will be. One guess per account. The closest guess to what the deal is will recieve an undisclosed prize.

Remember, you can contrigute to the Arctic Nerf page by buying OWM kits through the following link:

November 20, 2011

New author!

Hey guys,

My name is Sampsonite. I'm 12 years old and I run a blog called ProJectile ProJects.
I have recently been invited to author here to work with IceCubed, Icicle, Shadow and Sno-cannon!

I hope to entertain people!

Thanks for reading.

The Prometheus/Zeus/Helios/Hyperion/Atlas IC-1

My newest and greatest gun yet. It shoots standard darts(0.5''), mini marshmallows, OM3GA darts (1.25''), baby carrots and regular marshmallows. Deadly accurate even at ranges of more than 135 feet. The best part? I only paid $4 for it. More after the split.

November 17, 2011

Update: Site Renovations and New Author

Hi, Shadow_Blaze here.  The Foam Flinging Burrito will be slowly renovating to Arctic Nerf.  We'll still be on the same URL, but you'll notice some major changes in the design of the blog.  Also, most design changes are temporary, until approval from IceCubed or Icicle.

Onto the new author, me.  I'll be sharing my custom blasters with you guys, as well as any news if I come by anything.  You'll notice that my name doesn't fit in with the "Arctic" theme.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  Though it's a bit out of place, it distinguishes that I am a newcomer to the blog.

Thanks for reading!

November 12, 2011

Minimized NiteFinder

I decided to minimize my NiteFinder, I added plastic from an old PSP game case to seal the open area. I added a barrel attachment piece as well. I also upgraded the O-ring with an aftermarket O-Ring for an airtight seal. I also sanded down some of the words and tried using hotglue to smooth out the gun by filling the real and fake screw holes. After I paint it, it will look better. Last, I upgraded the catch spring and added a Longshot front gun spring to the lineup. This is my favorite gun ever! I can get up to 80' flat now. Pictures after the break.

Attachment making guide

(Newer update: Added pictures)
(UPDATE to article: Added improvement for recon sight)

A recent project of mine has been making attachments for my guns. I have received many broken Recon sights, which I have opened and taken the Tactical Rail Attachment (TRA) part from, its the part that actually slides onto the rail. I then use that piece to make attachments. I have made: A scope with 3x zoom, a Red Dot scope (no zoom, not electric), An upgraded recon light and a removable front grip.

 More info after the split.

November 10, 2011


This is an email that I received from them.

Hi OMW Affiliates & Promoters!
Tomorrow (or today, depending on where you live) is the once-in-a-lifetime date 11/11/11. To celebrate this amusing day, we're now running our 11% sale that you can promote to your visitors/subscribers. The codes are:
111111 - 11% off your entire purchase
111111raider - $1.11 off of the Raider stage 1 kit
These codes stack, and can be taken down any time after midnight 11/12 here in Houston.
And, to make things even better, our debut Longshot Massacre "Immortal" Kit is now available for preorder. The kit comes in a collector's tin box, of which only a limited quantity is available. Once it sells out, it will be never made available again. Included in this kit are the following parts:
- Trigger catch
- 2x Strength trigger catch spring
- High performance main spring (Exactly compression TBD.)
- Bolt Sled
- Bolt Sled Pin
- Plunger Rod
- Plunger Face
- Plunger Tube
- Plunger Assembly Retention Cap
- Breech
- O-ring
- Metal Trigger
- 10g Silicone Grease
This kit can be shipped to Asian countries without any issues with customs, as all the major parts are crafted out of polycarbonate. You can send your visitors/subscribers to your unique affiliate link, and have them click on the "Longshot Immortal" link under "Featured Products" at the bottom of the main page. Along with our 11% store-wide discount, this is a good opportunity for you to rack up some sales. Black Friday promotions are coming soon as well.
Some of you have asked for individualized promotions, and I'm still working on that at the moment. eJunkie is rather primitive as far as shopping carts go, and I'm not sure it can accommodate such an advanced format of discount codes. Once I work something out, I'll email you individually to discuss it. In the meantime, please let me know if this is something you are interested in.

November 6, 2011


We now have a Facebook fan page! "Like" the page to receive updates from the staff here at The Foam Flinging Burrito!

November 4, 2011


I hippo, as of after Christmas this year I will be doing commissions. so if you are interested in me modding guns for you please send me an email at and this will put you on the waiting list for commissions, and if you want to have me buy a gun for your mod you will need to make a partial payment on the commission.

(Note from Burrito: I can do commissions too. Contact hippo for more info.)