August 26, 2012

Advanced Nerf Jolt Mod

I had a spare coupler sitting around so I decided to throw it onto my jolt so I could increase the rate of fire. Ranges increased slightly vs the original barrel without AR's, but it was a small increase. A full writeup of what I did sits after the split.

If you don't want to coupler the gun but you want to other mods, follow steps 1-4. If you do plan to add a coupler, just skip to step 4.

Step One: Use a screwdriver to smash out the peg. You will see a three-pronged pice in the back of your barrel. We will use this to finish the AR removal while finishing the AR removal.

Step Two: Take out the four screws at the bottom of the Jolt's handle. Pull out the plunger assembly.

Step Three: Put a small amount of hot glue into the hole at the bottom of your plunger tube. Before the glue solidifies, use your screw driver to push the three pronged piece backwards. This will fill the dead space at the back of the blaster and it will stop the three pronged piece from blocking air flow.

Step Four (Optional): If you want to rotate the priming handle, take out the screw at the top of the plunger assembly. Pull out the priming handle, rotate it 90 degrees and put it back in. If you want to replace your spring (I recommend a Buzz Bee Tek series spring) now is the time to do it.

Step Five: Use a saw or dremel tool to slice off the old barrel and remove the air restrictors. Fill the dead space in the back with the three pronged AR piece or fill it with hot glue.

Step Six: Sand the top part of the trigger guard (Where the guard met the old barrel) to make space for your CPVC barrel.

Step Seven: Cut your coupler in half and sand out the ring on the inside so that your barrel can slide all the way through.

Step Eight: Use a dremel sanding drum or a large drill bit (5/8'') to widen the opening where the coupler will go. Widen it enough that your CPVC can slide all the way into the jolt.

Step Nine: Glue the coupler onto your jolt.

Step Ten: Shoot your cat.

Ranges with a tek spring, no AR's and the original barrel: approx. 51'

Ranges with new barrel and tek spring: approx. 57' 

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