August 27, 2012

BBV's Vulcan

Hey Guys BBV here and I will show you my Vulcan
It has been minimised, dart pegs taken out of the belt and the AR's taken out. It also has a reversible ( ghetto ) 12v mod. More pictures after the split.

Minimized the front barrel area.

AR's removed

Pegs removed from chain.

Front view with box

The business end :D

Stock 9v

Ghetto Rigged 12v

Anyway Thanks for reading


  1. Whats a good way to remove the AR on the vulcan?

  2. Well it depends if it is a new one or old one , I'd it's an old one you just unscrew the top of the plunger tube and pop it out , if not you get a 1/2inch drill bit and drill out the back of the plunger tube area

  3. Very clean. I especially like how you handled the front barrel area.

  4. Thank you, I might just have to send this in to NM&R