August 30, 2012

UK modding materials part 1: Adhesives

Lo all. TheRoboteer here. And today i'm bringing you the first part of a little series which I hope will help budding UK modders find materials more easily. As UK modders will no doubt know, materials are pretty scarce in the UK so in this first part i'm going to be focusing on adhesives.

The article is after the split

1:Super glue
I prefer gel type SuperGlue because it's easier to get it where you want it to go than the liquid type
This one is nice because it's strong
and easy to use. Glue like this usually goes for about £3.50

2: Sealing Adhesives
Next we'll cover adhesives that are used for sealing purposes. Such as hot glue or goop. As you may know. We cannot get goop in the UK. But luckily i managed to find the next best thing. It creates an airtight seal and is strong and flexible, just like goop. It's called serious glue. It's very useful, but it's not cheap at £4.75 for a 33 gram tube

Serious glue

Hotglue can be easily obtained from most hobby shops. I reccomend purchasing both a hi- temp and a low- temp gun. Hot glue guns usually go for about £5 and hot glue sticks can go for as little as £1.50 for a 10 pack

I hope this post helped out some UK nerfers who wer strugling to find good adhesives. This is TheRoboteer, signing off

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