August 30, 2012

Rogue/NF intergration

As you guys saw on youtube I have finished (not really) my HvZ NF which now has a BB Rogue mounted on it.

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 This blaster has gone through many changes, different springs, integrated blasters, and nerf war damage.

Mods done to the NF are: spring addition, AR, rogue integration, seal improvement. Rebarreling soon to come.

Rogue mods are: dart post removal (done after pic), and tape around the barrels. Rebarreling pending.

Ranges: NF: Around 55 - 65 feet flat. Rogue: 35 - 40 feet flat.
Firing vid.

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  1. You gotta flip the Rogue upside down. It help when having a war :)

  2. I'm still not quite grasping the point of having a pistol integrated into a pistol, but good job.