August 5, 2012

"Ambidextrous" Raider Drum

If you have ever tried using a Raider dart drum in a pump-action Longshot, you will understand the usefulness of this mod which will let you use a raider drum backwards. More after the split.

*Edit* I just saw that SGNerf posted a similar tutorial on his site a day before I posted this. My mod is slightly different than his and I preformed it several days ago (The EXIF data on my pictures can prove that). This was an original mod that I came up with.

This mod was pretty simple. All it takes is a knife, dremel or other cutting tool. I have a dremel, but I used my knife instead just to show you guys that your mods aren't limited by what tools you have.

There are three cuts that you need to make. The first is at the top of the magazine on the left side. There is a small tab here that stops the magazine from being inserted backwards. The tab is on both sides and you need to cut both tabs out.

Next, you need to cut a new slot to lock the drum in place when you insert it backwards.

Last, there is a small tab that sticks out from the front of the drum. Cut that tab off and this mod is complete!

Now you can choose which way you want to insert the drum. If you put the drum in backwards, you will obviously need to put the darts in backwards too. This mod is extremely useful for lefties (Try using the drum in a Rayven left-handed, it's awkward) and for righties in some guns.