November 27, 2012

What Happened....

Well as you can see we have not posted here in out two weeks. Well long story short,

Roboteer was soaked by a minecraft hurricane.
BBV returned to his old blog (sorta).
Ice and Icicle melted.
I was accidentally deleted as an author by BBV (He sent me a request to return but I lost the email for a while)
And the other authors went to youtube because its easier.

November 14, 2012

Au Revoir

First, I have to apologise to the Arctic Nerf crew, as I've decided that I am leaving it , with my authors , without the ices , it wouldn't feel right, so bye bye. My blog is
Bye! Really sorry

November 9, 2012

Address Change

Hey guys, at the end of this month, Arctic Nerf will be reverting back to it's blogger address: This is the start of a few changes to the site that are coming about as a result of myself and Icicle slowing our Nerf habits. I recently launched a small business, ramsbarry technologies, which has been taking most of my time. Plus, I lost interest in much of the nerf field. With Nerf Mods and Reviews' recent revival, we feel that the modding community will be left in good hands after we leave. The other authors here will still post and we will post from time to time, but not as much as we once did. On a side note: ramsbarry Technologies can fix your iPod, iPhone or iPad screen. 4th generation iPod repairs start at $65, with a wide range of colors available for slightly more. The ramsbarry site launches soon. For now, contact me at for more information.

October 25, 2012

Shopping Finds!

So I went shopping the other day and I found LOTS of scouts..

Thats about 20 Packs of Scouts....

October 23, 2012

Nerf rayven mod

Hey guys hunter here today im showing you another work in progress blaster.
im modding the rayven.
the blaster will be having a 9 volt battery mod and a paintjob
the blaster might fail because i suck at electronic blasters

im thinking of doing an led mod maybe not  if you have any suggestions for a paint job leave them in the comments below

you can ask me to do any paintjob even if its pink because i like to be random sometimes so anyway guys until next time

happy hunting

October 21, 2012

Nerf stampede 18 volts (in progress)

Hey guys, Hunter here.
I haven't posted anything on this blog, so I'm just going to start my first post with a stampede that I haven't quite finished.

The stampede currently has a Nerf Jolt spring and has been cut down for distance. As the title suggests, I've also increased the voltage. The blaster may get a paint job, but I'm not to sure because I don't usually mod stampedes. I may also do an led mod in the future

October 17, 2012

Nerf "Elite" Reflex IX-1 (my opinions)

Hey guys its Frost and the "elite" reflex has shown up on taobao many have said its fake but he is evidence for it and against it.

October 15, 2012

Blogger... Pageviews are gone on AN...still

Blogger recently had a hiccup. All views on all the blogs left... views are back some other blogs but not here.
(this post will be updated) After this post was posted our views came back, need your views back? POST NOW!!

October 10, 2012

Barrel Spacers for Sale

These barrel spacers are made of 4mm Acrylic and are cut using a Lazer Cutter.
I can make almost any spacer , or part out of this material. You can choose from a wide variety of colours, such as Clear , Orange , Red , Pink , Yellow , Blue , Green and many more.
I can also engrave text into them for you.

Hope you like them

If you want any email

October 9, 2012

Hulk + Vulcan = this

So I had this SONIC vulcan that I had purchased for two dollars and wanted a boss looking vulcan so I put my idea to work. I got great results..


This blaster has basic mods. Gets 45 feet flat.


Frost out...

September 30, 2012

Pump action singled LS.

I didn't like the feel of a Tee for priming my Longshot, so I decided to make a pump grip for the front. I plan to hook up a wye soon, so stay tuned. Pics below.

September 26, 2012

Eleanor, MMU9's splongshot (speedswarm/longshot)

Hey guys, it's the Unicorn here and today I'm going to show off my speedswarm/longshot integration  <DISCLAIMER> I have posted some irrelevant content in the past but from now on I shall stick to relevant content from now on.
Anyways, with that in mind, shall we?

September 24, 2012


Hey Guys it's Than,

I've gotten great luck on craigslist this past week and I have expanded my inventory of blasters 3 fold!

I have many more projects in the future and also a huge stock of blasters for commissions (anyone up for one?) I have made 2 videos reviewing my lots so be sure to check them out. if you have any questions on the blasters I have or any comments or ideas of what I should do with the blasters be sure to leave a comment on the video!

Here is the first video!

And here is the second!

Amazing projects are sure to be in my future! make sure you sub so you won't be left out of the fun!
BE YOU ALL JELLY NOW! just kidding

September 21, 2012

Longstrike Preview

So here is a little sneak peak on my Longstrike with UMB internals
I finished installing so ' Tacticool ' Led's and I have to say , They are BRIGHT. Here are some pictures
They are much brighter in real life.

Bright Lights

Ten Epic Points to whoever can translate the orange poster's title , you can see the LED's have been integrated quite cleanly.

Nerf at Costco 9/20/12

Throughout the year costco gets random Nerf shipments... the prices are very good. Pics below

September 19, 2012

Singled Longshot+Paintjob (Updated)

I spent the past hour singling this, I plan to add a hopper+slamfire eventually. Using slingshot darts, this hit 80' flat. I need a longer barrel I think, but I'm happy for now. More after the split.

UPDATE: I attached a legit rail piece to my sight, put in a white tooth on the tactical rail and enabled the gun to prime via the newly added jam door. I still need to figure out a better priming method though.

September 16, 2012

Have a broken blaster? Arctic Nerf wants it!

Have you attempted to modify a Praxis, only to find out that you don't know how to reassemble it? Do you have broken blasters that you just plan on throwing away? Instead of throwing the blaster away, why not donate it to Arctic Nerf's Blaster Recycling Program? We'll either pay you to ship it to us and then keep the blaster or you pay shipping (And a small fee) and we'll send it back once it's fixed. If you're interested, email and I'll help you figure out if the blaster is worth saving, if it can be saved and which member of the Arctic Nerf team you should send it to. We look forward to hearing from you.

September 14, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Hey Guys its Than,

This will be my first post on this blog so allow me to introduce myself. I'm Than Jones, I've been nerfing for 4 years and Modding for 3. I do all basic mods to modern nerf blasters and I can also do Voltage mods to most blasters. I also can do paint jobs and specialize in LED circuits in nerf blasters. I do Commission so feel free to contact me about that

I live in South Berwick Maine. And I most commonly Nerf at an Airsoft Venue in Fremont, NH. ( I have plenty of Mod videos and also War Footage on my youtube channel. my user name is TheThanimal on youtube and I'm on Nerf Revolution as Thanimal.

please check out my Channel and feel free to ask me any questions about myself.  You have a good day.


Hey guys BlackBoarderV here ,
So I was browsing on the OMW website and looked at the unleashed section


They seem to have the standard stuff:
Trigger Catch
2x double strength trigger catch spring
Useless Reinforcement Plate ( from observing the pictures)
5+kg mainspring

Also pre-order customers will receive a metal trigger.

It costs $12.99 to pre-order it, this is cheaper than other kits due to the fact that elite blasters cost more.

OMW claims 75 foot ranges flat and 85ft range with a 30 degree angle.

Estimated release date: 30th October 2012.

Retaliator Stage 1 kit is nearing completion and will be available
for preorder later today, September 14. Our planned release date
for this kit is Tuesday, October 30, so mark your calendars! The
kit will consist of the standard Stage 1 kit parts: 5kg spring,
trigger catch, trigger catch spring and reinforcement plate.
Preorders will also include a complimentary metal trigger.
    Furthermore, as the price of the Elite series is increased compared
to the N-Strike series, we've decided to lower the price of the
Retaliator's Stage 1 kit to $12.99. We feel that this is a fair
compromise and we think you'll agree.

    If you wish to purchase a spring on its own, those will be
available for purchase next week for the price of $6.00.'
    Furthermore, as the price of the Elite series is increased compared

to the N-Strike series, we've decided to lower the price of the
Retaliator's Stage 1 kit to $12.99. We feel that this is a fair
compromise and we think you'll agree.
    If you wish to purchase a spring on its own, those will be
available for purchase next week for the price of $6.00.'
    If you wish to purchase a spring on its own, those will be

available for purchase next week for the price of $6.00.'

 Here is a post from their Facebook Page

Promising results with Retaliator/Rampage springs so far. 95 to 105 FPS in the Retaliator, 90 to 100 in the Rampage. Curious results, though... there is really no appreciable difference that we saw to justify removing the air restrictors in these blasters. We didn't get a chance to test the Retaliator, but the Rampage performed nearly identically with and without the air restrictor in there. '

And here is the email they send out after I first found out about it

    We just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that our upcoming
Retaliator Stage 1 kit is nearing completion and will be available
for preorder later today, September 14. Our planned release date
for this kit is Tuesday, October 30, so mark your calendars! The
kit will consist of the standard Stage 1 kit parts: 5kg spring,
trigger catch, trigger catch spring and reinforcement plate.
Preorders will also include a complimentary metal trigger.

    Furthermore, as the price of the Elite series is increased compared
to the N-Strike series, we've decided to lower the price of the
Retaliator's Stage 1 kit to $12.99. We feel that this is a fair
compromise and we think you'll agree.

    If you wish to purchase a spring on its own, those will be
available for purchase next week for the price of $6.00.'

Anyway, I've heard that people are cancelling their immortal kits, because of such a long wait , so will this ever come out, even with this October 30th Date?

Anyway heres a link to OMW

September 13, 2012

Modding Fail

I was testing the penetration power of my Titan with a BB barrel, it turned into a test of the barrel's penetration. It was still kind of awesome though.

September 12, 2012

September 9, 2012

Rayven Rebarrel and Wiring Experiment

Those of you who read SGNerf's posts have probably heard that when you get above a certain voltage with the Rayven, your darts start sticking in the barrel. This is a demonstration of how I fixed that issue so I could use my blaster at higher voltages. Later, we'll see a new way to wire your Flywheel guns to (hopefully) achieve better ranges.

September 8, 2012

Great Dart Swap. NUMBER 3!

Hey there, iMod is having another great dart swap
Wing , your an epic graphics gremlin! 

So heres some Info from his blog :


1.They have to be Nerf darts or stefans

2.If you are sending Nerf darts they have to have something special about them
It could be colored, Modded, Anything special you can think of 

3.The darts can not be damaged, but can be vintage.

4.You must send 10 or more darts to your swap partner.

5.You must give me a name to call you by.

6. Please send a note of what you have sent with your darts!

How it works
You tell me you want to join at: nerfmods12(at)

You must give me your full mailing address.

You have until 9.12.2012  to tell me you want to be apart of this swap.

There will be groups of two that will be randomly selected to swap.

I will then email you back and tell you where to send your darts.

And if you would like, when you get your darts send me an email back to me with a pic and i'll post it.


Anyway It seems to be good , and I BBV am taking part. It should be fun!.

September 4, 2012

Halloween Maverick

I know Halloween is almost 2 months away but I couldn't wait any longer to post this.

As you can see it is a cosmeticly (and internally) modded Gear Up Maverick.

I am happy to announce that the ranges of this blaster did not decrease after I individualized the barrels.

Ranges of this blaster are 35-45 feet flat.

Sorry if the the post seems choppy. This is my first post using mobile blogger. Frost out....
More pics after the jump.

September 3, 2012


Arctic Nerf now has a chatroll page! It can be accessed by clicking the link in the sidebar on the right. Note that Trolls will be banned and inappropriate content will not be tolerated. Beyond that, have fun. The chatbox is open to all types of discussion, be it Nerf, politics, gaming, whatever you guys want to talk about, we won't get mad at you if you start talking about off-topic stuff. Enjoy!

August 31, 2012


Hey guys it's the unicorn here, just letting you know that I'm now contributing on this blog. I'm not entirely sure what kind of things I'll be posting but you can expect to see stuff like this from me:

Unicorn out.

August 30, 2012

Painted Proton

A friend emailed me the other day asking about how to mod a Vortex Proton. She recently emailed me with this picture of her newly painted Proton! Thought you guys might want to see it. She also completed the standard spring relocation mod and should be getting about 75'. I'm not going to post a writeup for this mod for two reasons: 1. it can easily be found elsewhere and 2. I don't have a vortex gun so I can't add pictures. Check out for a writeup on the spring relocation mod.

Rogue/NF intergration

As you guys saw on youtube I have finished (not really) my HvZ NF which now has a BB Rogue mounted on it.

More after the jump....

UK modding materials part 1: Adhesives

Lo all. TheRoboteer here. And today i'm bringing you the first part of a little series which I hope will help budding UK modders find materials more easily. As UK modders will no doubt know, materials are pretty scarce in the UK so in this first part i'm going to be focusing on adhesives.

The article is after the split

August 29, 2012

Elite Sharpshot

This is a Sharpshot that I have modded and painted in Elite Colours. It was inspired by Bazookafied's Elite Longshot and Whiteout Sharpshot.  

More after the split
I used Revell Ultramarine Blue and White enamel paint for painting and detailing.
Mods done to the Sharpshot consist of AR removal, air hole covered up, seal improvement and spring replacement.
It gets ranges of 50-60ft.
It was my first paint job therefore the detailing isn't first class , and in the future I would like to get a thinner brush
I also plan to brass it in the future

August 27, 2012

BBV's Vulcan

Hey Guys BBV here and I will show you my Vulcan
It has been minimised, dart pegs taken out of the belt and the AR's taken out. It also has a reversible ( ghetto ) 12v mod. More pictures after the split.

August 26, 2012

Advanced Nerf Jolt Mod

I had a spare coupler sitting around so I decided to throw it onto my jolt so I could increase the rate of fire. Ranges increased slightly vs the original barrel without AR's, but it was a small increase. A full writeup of what I did sits after the split.

August 25, 2012

Pistol Splat: My Style

Lo all, It's TheRoboteer here. As you may know Arctic nerf and my native blog Nerf Universal recently merged. I recently posted this over there, so I figured I may aswell add it here too.
Anyway onto the post. When I was on holiday I gave in and bought a Blue Pistol Splat, and i'm pleased to report that it is almost 2x as powerful as my Wipeout Splat.
Anyway, I know what you really want to see are the pics, so here they are :)

Overall pic. With a photobomb from my new
favourite tool :)
The buissness end. I decieded to glue the barrel in because
i'm only going to be front loading darts because it's going to be a stock dart
FPS- supah leet view :)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. This is TheRoboteer, signing off


Hello there. My name is BlackBoarderV or BBV , and I have been recently talking to Ice³ about merging blogs, NerfUniversal and Arctic Nerf, so were having a beta test to see how well the combination will work. We hope this blog to get more views and the such. Also the previous authors from NerfUniversal will be coming here as well.

Authors from NerfUniversal:
Longshot Bro 

We hope you enjoy this merger

Ice³ Q&A

To finish the three part Arctic Nerf series, It's my turn for a Questions and answers section. Ask anything you want, Nerf related or not, and I'll try to answer your question. I look forward to answering your questions next month.

August 23, 2012

Coded darts...Internal differences

Hey guys it's Frost and today I am going over coded darts!

You may know about different code darts, but I found internal differences!

Code E (left) and Code K (right)

Another pic


Fully automatic blowgun

This just became my new primary. With a regular barrel, it's dead accurate out to 70'. Fill the barrel with darts for a shotgun blast that's sure to hit whatever you point it at. Slap on a wye and: tada! Fully automatic blowgun with high range and accuracy. Watch the demo below.

August 13, 2012

Q&A! ~ Frost nerfer

Leave a GOOD question below. Questions will be answered August 21st.

15,000 Pageviews!! + small update

Arctic Nerf is proud to say that we have hit 15,000 pageviews!
Also I have some project going up shortly!

August 11, 2012

New Mods in the works!

Hey guys its Frost, and yes I am still alive and modding! Below is a list with pic of what I am working on... Pics and list after the jump. All Ranges are flat.

August 8, 2012

Rayven "Resistors" (Rayven, Part 2)

This is the second of a four part series detailing Rayven modifications. In this post, we will examine the so called "Resistors" in the Rayven and examine whether or not they are worth taking out.

August 7, 2012

We need your vote!

The Arctic Nerf team is considering altering the site's layout. Here's what we want you to do. Check out and Then comment on this post and tell us which layout you like better (The current layout, the "classic" layout or the "Sidebar" layout) and why. Your input is very much appreciated.

Rayven Voltage Mod (Without soldering) (Rayven, Part 1)

This is the first of a four part series showcasing the Rayven. In this post, I will show you haw to increase your Rayven's voltage from 6v to 12v without soldering. This mod is for those of you who don't have all the tools needed for other mods, all this mod requires is a knife. Full write-up after the split.

August 6, 2012

New Elite Product

I was wandering around eBay today and stumbled across a cool new Elite product. It's called the Hail-Fire Upgrade kit. This kit gives you the four clips and 24 darts you need in order to fill up your Hail-Fire. This kit is also useful for those of us who want Elite darts, but can't afford a full Elite gun. I haven't seen this anywhere else so I can't give you guys a price on it, but it's still a cool product.

August 5, 2012

Minimized Vulcan

Vulcans are bulky, heavy, and hard to wield in CQB. This mod, inspired by Darth Rambo, aims to change that. This is more of a demo than a write-up, it was kinda complicated. More after the split.

"Ambidextrous" Raider Drum

If you have ever tried using a Raider dart drum in a pump-action Longshot, you will understand the usefulness of this mod which will let you use a raider drum backwards. More after the split.

*Edit* I just saw that SGNerf posted a similar tutorial on his site a day before I posted this. My mod is slightly different than his and I preformed it several days ago (The EXIF data on my pictures can prove that). This was an original mod that I came up with.

August 2, 2012

SlamFire revolver??

More info on the famous 1,225$ U.S Strongarm
SpectreX managed to get a pic of the back of the box off the seller!

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, it has slamfire.

July 31, 2012

War Tactics?

Hey guys Frost Nerfer here and I am alive(duh). Todays topic is the complete silliness of war tactics. Here are some examples
*Face PALM*
Of course there are some good ones..... when you get over the newb barrier, but hey we all start out that way.