August 11, 2012

New Mods in the works!

Hey guys its Frost, and yes I am still alive and modding! Below is a list with pic of what I am working on... Pics and list after the jump. All Ranges are flat.

1. The Frost_Mav (Paintjob WIP) has AR's removed 4 pennies added and drop turret.
RANGE 35 45 feet

2. My Titan
All Basic mods    Range: Coming soon

3. NightJolt/HvZ NF

 NF, AR's, added O-ring, stock + mav spring (5.1 Kilograms) Range 60 - 70ft
Jolt, seal improvement, dart post removed. Range 30 - 40.

Sorry for the bad pics. Frost Out.

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