August 29, 2012

Elite Sharpshot

This is a Sharpshot that I have modded and painted in Elite Colours. It was inspired by Bazookafied's Elite Longshot and Whiteout Sharpshot.  

More after the split
I used Revell Ultramarine Blue and White enamel paint for painting and detailing.
Mods done to the Sharpshot consist of AR removal, air hole covered up, seal improvement and spring replacement.
It gets ranges of 50-60ft.
It was my first paint job therefore the detailing isn't first class , and in the future I would like to get a thinner brush
I also plan to brass it in the future


  1. WOW, I want to do that paint shceeme on mine!!

  2. For a first paint job that is mighty good, well done man!

  3. Thanks Hope to see some of your stuff up here FFX3

  4. Nice blaster, BBV! Paintjob is pretty good also. I'll definitely have to get a Dart Tag blaster to do this on.

  5. If they release the Snapfire in the UK, I will do an elite pj on it