August 8, 2012

Rayven "Resistors" (Rayven, Part 2)

This is the second of a four part series detailing Rayven modifications. In this post, we will examine the so called "Resistors" in the Rayven and examine whether or not they are worth taking out.

I was reading a post on NerfHaven about Rayven mods. One of the mods it mentioned was the removal of resistors. After looking at the part that the guide said to remove, I saw nothing that proved it was a resistor, so I decided to run a few tests. Here are my results.

Test One: I took a multimeter, set it to continuity (That means lack of resistance) and found that the "Resistors" had 0 ohms resistance....... Odd..... Now for the next question, Do they affect ranges?

Test Two: I made a new circuit in my Rayven with a switch that enabled me to bypass my "Resistors" at will. The wiring was kind of complicated as I had to ensure that the devices were completely removed from the circuit when I flipped my switch. Here's a wiring diagram detailing what I did.
I had to do that for each motor, so I used a two stage switch that has two isolated circuit units. For those of you who don't understand electronic diagrams, here's a picture of the finished wiring. The Results? No range difference. No sound difference from the motors. Nothing. I tested this at 6 and 15v and had no changes at either when I flipped the resistors in and out of the circuit. So this brings us to the concluding final question: What the heck are they?
My best guess is that these are a for of fuse to keep the motors from overheating, but that doesn't explain why there are four of them. To be honest, I'm not sure what they are or what they do, but removing them won't increase your ranges.

What do you think they are? Did I miss something in my tests? Comment and let me know!

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