June 27, 2012


Well the time has come to move across America to my new home in Florida. During the 23 hour car trip I thought doing a Q&A would help pass the time, so all of your questions and the like you can drop them into the comment section below. Also I'm trying to think of a new name that matches Florida more than Ohio, heck it doesn't even need to be related to weather at all, it can be what ever you guys think of.

That is all for now

Note: due to the move I will not be posting for at least a month.

June 22, 2012

School, Exams, and more

Hey guys frost_ nerfer here and I wont be able to post for 1 1/2 weeks after tomorrow because exams today and tomorrow, yes tomorrow. If I get my exams done I am going to a week long summer camp.

June 21, 2012

Barrage blast progress, (Finished the air gun portion!)

As requested by the Roboteer I will be doing this post on my WIP barrage blast

I took 3/4 PVC and used PVC cement to keep it in place.

With a foot long cpvc speedloader.

Gets 110 effectively and over 140 (my yard) with crazy streamlines. When they go that far they swerve left across the road and into neighbors yard, not the ones next door lol. Roboteer by the way is a great modder on youtube and I have respect for him but I have to say....... MY BIG BLAST IS EPICER LOL!!

More Range Tests!

Hey guys Frost_nerfer here and you may notice that I range test nerf blasters regularly so I have more vids for you.
Leave a comment here and on youtube sharing your thoughts!

June 15, 2012

Elite Jolt? thoughts

As many of you know, the box art for the Elite series tactical vest (Pictured above) shows a Elite style jolt. Based on the current jolt, do you think an Elite jolt would be worth the money? Do you plan to buy one? Comment below with your opinions.

Nstrike Elite Accessories?

After today's big news I found even more good stuff.

                                                                      Elite Tac vest

Elite 75 dart pack

This link will show you all the Elite products along with their prices: http://origin-www4.hasbro.com/shop/browse//_/Ntt-Elite?Ntk=Brand&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial

June 12, 2012


As you can see we have moved the pages tab from here >>>> to here ^^^^.
Which in my opinion is way better! :) We also removed the blogger NavBar from the top of the page to give the site a cleaner look. (Note to the miniblogs: You can only remove the NavBar if you host your blog on a .com site). This is the start of some formatting changes that we hope will improve the visual appeal of this site. Thanks for reading!

June 8, 2012

Sonic Series Vortex Praxis Rumours?! +100th post.

Hey guys, Frost_nerfer here, and this is AN's 100th post! And our 100th post is rumor from taobao!
Any thoughts?
I Think Nerf is being smart, making a sonic praxis so we must get a Lumitron and see the coooooool colors.. :P
Oh man, dont get me started on the look on that guys face and yeah...
My sales are still open! :D

June 5, 2012

Almost there!!!!

Hey guys, frost_nerfer here, we are almost at 100 posts..... what should we do?
Here is how its went down with authors and pages.
Frost/nerfer 25 but 2 got deleted so 23.
Portal 10
Iceª 21
Icicle 34
Youtube videos 3
other 8

June 4, 2012

School! yay.....not

Hey guys frost_nerfer here and as the title says I am busy with school, I will post as much as I can but yeah, my school ends July 6th (I start a week and a half into September) but I am trying to get it mostly done by the 25th of June. So that will be it for todays post.

June 3, 2012

Nerf Update!

Hey guys Frost_nerfer here, so for this post I am just making an update.... :P
This is my brothers WF or whitefinder that he painted an I modded.
Mods done are a basic AR removal, seal, and a added buzz bee shell ejection spring 0_o.
I also got around to painting some stuff.

I did a white/green camo paint job.

Which one do you like better?

I am also In a mod exchange with Thailyer14. He is giving ma a NF and I am giving him a overhauled strikefire. So yeah thats it.  FREEZE!! LEAVE A COMMENT!