June 27, 2012


Well the time has come to move across America to my new home in Florida. During the 23 hour car trip I thought doing a Q&A would help pass the time, so all of your questions and the like you can drop them into the comment section below. Also I'm trying to think of a new name that matches Florida more than Ohio, heck it doesn't even need to be related to weather at all, it can be what ever you guys think of.

That is all for now

Note: due to the move I will not be posting for at least a month.


  1. 1. What's your favorite food?

    2. Nerf or off brand blasters? (Like Air Zone ect)

    3. What's your favorite blaster that you own?

  2. Changing the name? Again?
    1. What do you think of this blog?

    2. Who is your most respected nerfer, nerfing hero etc.

    3. Any mods you're working on or planning on working on?