September 14, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Hey Guys its Than,

This will be my first post on this blog so allow me to introduce myself. I'm Than Jones, I've been nerfing for 4 years and Modding for 3. I do all basic mods to modern nerf blasters and I can also do Voltage mods to most blasters. I also can do paint jobs and specialize in LED circuits in nerf blasters. I do Commission so feel free to contact me about that

I live in South Berwick Maine. And I most commonly Nerf at an Airsoft Venue in Fremont, NH. ( I have plenty of Mod videos and also War Footage on my youtube channel. my user name is TheThanimal on youtube and I'm on Nerf Revolution as Thanimal.

please check out my Channel and feel free to ask me any questions about myself.  You have a good day.

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