September 30, 2012

Pump action singled LS.

I didn't like the feel of a Tee for priming my Longshot, so I decided to make a pump grip for the front. I plan to hook up a wye soon, so stay tuned. Pics below.
This system is pretty simple. I drove a rod through my coupler/breech. At the bottom of the rod, I attached a stretch-spring to pull the breech forward after it's primed. The pump is layered pipe. I had to dremel the inside of the pipes and hammer the pipes into place. I used 1/2'' pvc to connect to the cpvc barrel, then I put 3/4'' pvc around that, followed by 1'' pvc. Last, I slid 1 1/4'' ABS pipe over the PVC and glued it into place, then I sanded it all smooth with the dremel. More pics below.


 "Breech" open
"Breech"  closed

Ammo holder, holds 8 rounds (Two per pipe). Made from FireFly parts and cpvc. The tac. rail came from a Vulcan.