September 24, 2012


Hey Guys it's Than,

I've gotten great luck on craigslist this past week and I have expanded my inventory of blasters 3 fold!

I have many more projects in the future and also a huge stock of blasters for commissions (anyone up for one?) I have made 2 videos reviewing my lots so be sure to check them out. if you have any questions on the blasters I have or any comments or ideas of what I should do with the blasters be sure to leave a comment on the video!

Here is the first video!

And here is the second!

Amazing projects are sure to be in my future! make sure you sub so you won't be left out of the fun!
BE YOU ALL JELLY NOW! just kidding


  1. O_O not fair man!

    Great find, if you need help modding them just send me a email. :D

  2. *sniff* I am jelly now. I wish my craigslist ever had something good. =(