September 19, 2012

Singled Longshot+Paintjob (Updated)

I spent the past hour singling this, I plan to add a hopper+slamfire eventually. Using slingshot darts, this hit 80' flat. I need a longer barrel I think, but I'm happy for now. More after the split.

UPDATE: I attached a legit rail piece to my sight, put in a white tooth on the tactical rail and enabled the gun to prime via the newly added jam door. I still need to figure out a better priming method though.


  1. Not bad. I like the Recon barrel

  2. Why not just cut off the rail and use the traditionl priming method?

  3. Paintjob is clean, but too bland.

  4. Soloz1: I plan to add a hopper. At that point I will probably saw off the rail, but I didn't have a T on hand at the time, so I couldn't do the standard method. I also want to be more ingenuitive. I want to make it pump action+hopper fed.

    Portal: While I agree that this PJ is bland, I wouldn't say it's too bland. I was wanting a cool PJ that would be ok in night wars. This fits my purposes well.