October 17, 2012

Nerf "Elite" Reflex IX-1 (my opinions)

Hey guys its Frost and the "elite" reflex has shown up on taobao many have said its fake but he is evidence for it and against it.

Things you can tell by looking at the picture.
1. The blaster does not have and elite logo.
2. The shell has been completely reworked.
3. The warning label and copyright info have been moved to a different location.
4. It has digital camo.
5. The Tac rail is moved back

Things you can't tell.

The "elite" one has a either a 2011 or 2013 copyright date
The regular one's date is 2007.

The wrap up:

If the blaster at the top has 2011 as the copyright date this blaster maybe a prototype, explaining the "Nstrike" logo as opposed to the "Elite" logo.
I am interested to see if this is real or not.

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