November 12, 2011

Minimized NiteFinder

I decided to minimize my NiteFinder, I added plastic from an old PSP game case to seal the open area. I added a barrel attachment piece as well. I also upgraded the O-ring with an aftermarket O-Ring for an airtight seal. I also sanded down some of the words and tried using hotglue to smooth out the gun by filling the real and fake screw holes. After I paint it, it will look better. Last, I upgraded the catch spring and added a Longshot front gun spring to the lineup. This is my favorite gun ever! I can get up to 80' flat now. Pictures after the break.



Plastic over cuts

Up close

Reinforced plunger rod with 1st/2nd gen NF spring, AR-15 spring section and a LSFG spring. Also added spring to catch and made a few cuts for a longer draw.


Barrel and Handle


Barrel, no handle

Stock, Barrel and Grip.

Stock and barrel w/ bipod

Primed with barrel and bipod

Loading with bi-pod barrel

Unsanded side

Primed, sanded side

Glue Covered Parts:


  1. While it's neat, I can't believe you used a Whiteout NiteFinder for this! I would've used a stock yellow one instead (the Whiteout Nitefinder looks too nice to repaint). Also, I'm having a hard time realizing why you bothered to minimize this NiteFinder if you're using all these attachments to make it bigger.

  2. My motto is always the Recon's catchphrase: Modify for every mission. I like to be able to change parts based on what I'm doing. But they aren't required, they can all be removed to make an easily concealed weapon that is perfect for HvZ and indoor wars.

    Also, I agree, I should have used a yellow one. But I only have the whiteout version and I wanted to use it in night wars without the white giving away my location.

  3. Yes i agree with Bazooka. i like it but i wouldnt have put the barrek extention piece on myself. very nice. And 80 flat is unreal, nice job. Five Seven.

  4. Nice Job, I'm just wondering how the barrel stays on... 80 feet flat? Nice...I wonder how much my full k26(AR15) spring will get-Awesomeness