November 12, 2011

Attachment making guide

(Newer update: Added pictures)
(UPDATE to article: Added improvement for recon sight)

A recent project of mine has been making attachments for my guns. I have received many broken Recon sights, which I have opened and taken the Tactical Rail Attachment (TRA) part from, its the part that actually slides onto the rail. I then use that piece to make attachments. I have made: A scope with 3x zoom, a Red Dot scope (no zoom, not electric), An upgraded recon light and a removable front grip.

 More info after the split.
I made this front grip today, I used the handle from the Longshot's front gun and attached the TRA to the top, Now I can attach this to a recon front barrel and have greater stabilization. I also plan to turn the handle into a pump on a recon sometime soon, so if anyone wants a pump action recon: Contact us at for info.

I also plan to make the following attachments:
  • A laser sight (with Nitefinder parts)
  • A flash light (To blind people in night wars, using FireFly parts)
  • An ammo holder
  • A food holder (I'm going to attach a Pringles can to a TRA)
Last, and my favorite: A grenade launcher!
I tried this once but I didn't have all the right parts, I plan to use a Longshot spring and special grenades that I will post about later.

A fast upgrade I made to my recon flip up sight: Take a drill to the hole! I think I used a 9/32 size bit, but I don't remember. Try a few different sizes.

Also, here are some pictures of the scope, and pictures that show how much the scope zooms.

 ABOVE: Zoomed out
 Zoomed in
 Picture away from scope, compare this picture to others to see zoom level.
 Maximum zoom
Another zoom level

Now the burrito needs to get some beauty sleep, so bye for now.


  1. food holder!? awesome! now I'd buy one of those. does it come with the pringles?

  2. What did you use for the 3x sight?-Awesomeness

  3. For the sight, I took apart old toy binoculars that were about 1.2x and combined parts to make it 3x. Having just read about lenses in physics helped immensely.

    And yes, the Pringles will be included.