November 20, 2011

The Prometheus/Zeus/Helios/Hyperion/Atlas IC-1

My newest and greatest gun yet. It shoots standard darts(0.5''), mini marshmallows, OM3GA darts (1.25''), baby carrots and regular marshmallows. Deadly accurate even at ranges of more than 135 feet. The best part? I only paid $4 for it. More after the split.

I cut down the main barrel, added a 1/2'' CPVC coupler and a small section of 1'' PVC. 1.25'' ABS pipe fits nicely over the 1'' PVC. This allows for barrel extensions for more stability and for more ammo types. I also cut off the second handle and plugged the OPRV (Over-Pressure Release Valve)

The orange barrel does unscrew, By gluing the coupler directly to the threaded piece after you unscrew the barrel, the gun will be more accurate. Also, cut out the vents on the threaded part for more direct airflow.

I made a suppressor to make this gun quieter. Its made from a 1 liter bottle and a barrel from a recon front attachment. I drilled holes in a spiral pattern and filled around the barrel with pillow fluff. I attach bottle caps to my barrels so I can take the suppressor off and put it back on whenever I want.

The gun was originally designed so that the Scout could be latched onto the side. This is accomplished by a Tactical Rail Attachment Piece on the right side. This can be used to attach other pistols too such as a Recon, Barricade or NiteFinder. I also use it for holding extra barrels.

In case you were wondering, that dart on the side is my OM3GA dart. Comparison to normal dart size:

What I love about this gun is it's versatility. I can pump it 25 times for 210' ranges with standard darts, or 60' ranges with OM3GAs. If I pump it twice it can get 40'. Also, if I load a lot of darts into the barrel it makes a massive shotgun burst that spreads more than any other gun I've seen. All ranges are flat.

Range: 12 out of ten (Yes, its that good)
Accuracy: 10/10
Rate-Of-Fire: 3/10 (It takes forever to fully pressurize, but when you don't need full range you can reload pretty quickly)
Stealth: 4/10 (Its loud when you pump and shoot it)
Overall: 10/10

This gun is deadly. It's best used in a team situation so that one person can pump while another loads the barrel. This is the perfect sniper rifle and is best paired with a barricade, hornet or rayven.

More pics:

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  1. Nice mod! 40' with 2 pumps....hmmm.?.? I would love to do that mod however I don't have a Titan on my hands right now and singled titans are normally banned from wars but great job!! :) -Awesomeness