December 4, 2011

Recent Projects (WARNING: Picture overload)

Hey guys, just wanted to share some pictures of new projects as well as improvements to past designs. Also, for those of you who have wanted to see my old Pump-Action longshot, there are a few pictures of that too.

Pictures and descriptions after the split.

We burnt a hole for the charger port here.

This is the actual battery pack we added. It was around 4.7v. Icicle still uses the stock battery pack with it.

Minimized Scout


Sanded off the logo and "Do Not Modify" stuff

Pump Action Recon. I used half of a broken recon on the pump, the other half will go on a clipped Barricade.


Primed, zoomed in.

Special raised coloring technique. All those splashes rise up from the gun.

The other side.

Longshot, I ran PlexiGlass from the handle of the front gun (Integration) to the priming area. I then secured it with a 8-32 rod. I also had to drill out some of the rail so that the front gun handle could move back far enough. Writeup for this coming soon. And no, that is not me in the picture. That would be my sister, who used this gun for a photography project. These were the only pictures I could find of this gun.

From this view you can see a small red button on the handle, that activated the three blue LED's I had on the front of the gun. Why blue? Blue LED light makes the Nerf orange faintly glow in the dark. So at night, you could find where people are hiding by scanning with the lights.

That's all for now, might post more pics soon as well as a large guide to modding your longshot! Including CPVC breech and pump action mods.

From the *coolest* guy on the internet, 

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