December 8, 2011

Nerf Firefly review

 Since I'm giving this to a friend for Christmas,I thought I would review it. So here you go!
The Nerf Firefly is what I'd say is a "revolving rifle". If someone has a batter word please tell me. It has an 8-shot barrel and the same type of cocking mech as a maverick. I'd say it IS a glorified maverick. What makes it standout however,is that it uses glow sucker darts. You turn on the switch and the clear barrel allows the light to hit the dart so when you fire the dart glows. I don't have any of these glow suckers but if I get some I will update this review.

 On top of the Firefly is a tactical rail and the cocking mech. For this tactical rail I put my blue longshot scope. Looks pretty beast but is useless. The cocking mech is the same as a maverick's. You pull it back and release it. It's springloaded just like a maverick.
 The Firefly also has ammo holders. They hold any dart but streamlines because they're thinner than other darts. You also see in this picture where the battery door is. It just blends in.
 As it's a revolving barrel it takes all ammo.Sorta. Streamlines will fire but can't go underneath that orange piece because they're a bit taller. Some of my orange taggers were a bit too tall also. Green ones weren't. I'm guessing they're different.
The Firefly is a bit of a glorified maverick. It also has ranges like a maverick. 20-25 feet. This blaster isn't horrible however. It has a good stock,well placed tactical rail,ammo holders,and glow suckers. If you have seen the Rayven then you know it's part of the "firefly" series. I think the firely might be discontinued because of the new series name. I give this one a 4 out of 5. Although it's a glorfied maverick,it does bring some new things along with it.


  1. Thanks! I think I'm gonna try to keep with this style.

  2. Both of my brothers bought Firefly's but despite the good things I've heard about them they both got about 15' ranges and had an extremely difficult and uncomfortable trigger pull. Nice review btw.