December 1, 2011

Clip Fed Nitefinder prototype instructions

You have probably seen the post on my ideas and pics/drawings. Well,I'm not gonna keep putting off this post so here it is:

Step 1: Get Nitefinder and Speedload 6 or Quick 16.
Step 2: Mod your NF if you want to. I highly reccomend doing this.
Step 3: Chop away the front barrel area and take out light assembly. Keep ammo holders if wanted.
Step 4: Take out the Speedload 6 inbuilt clip or Quick 16 inbuilt clip.
Step 5: Get some PVC or whatever you make custom barrels out of and chop away the bottom part of it. That way the dart can be loaded in. Attach it to the internals so the blaster will still fire.
Step 6: Epoxy or attach the clip in. Keep the side loading thing so you can still load in darts that way.
Step 7: Make sure it works.

Disclaimer: I have not done this mod yet. These instructions are how I plan on doing it and am showing other people how so they can perfect it.

Result: A clip fed NF with a clip size of 6 or 16 shots.

If you do this mod please send me a pic of finished product and tell me if you changed anything.
I am not responsible for any broken nerf blasters.
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  1. I don't see how posting instructions for something that hasn't been built is helpful at all. I also can't figure out why you'd want to ruin a Speedload 6 or Quick 16 to do this.

  2. The NiteFinder's range is way better than either of those two guns. This mod would increase the RoF dramatically if it worked. However, without a breech this design wont work. The darts must be sealed in the pipe, otherwise the air will come from behind the dart and squeeze around to the front. I tried making a gravity powered clip for my NiteFinder and it didn't work for the same reason. You will need a breech for this to work. At that point, you would have to prime the gun and then work the breech. This would still increase the RoF slightly compared to a couplered NF, but at that point, I would have to agree with 'Zook. The slight RoF increase after breeching wouldn't be worth it. Sorry bud.

  3. It's just an idea with instructions of how I think it could work. The pvc pipe or whatever is the breech. That way the dart can go in while still using the same internals. Like a coupler design. I think it's highly plausible. If someone could just do this because I can't.

  4. You don't understand, the breech has to close. It has to make a seal all the way around the dart or it won't work.