May 2, 2012

I have a hard life

I have seen a lot of people hating lately on the lack of posts lately, I can explain the lack of posts. Ice has been grounded and has no access to post. As for me I have a very complicated life at the moment, I'm in the progress of moving across the country and leaving my life behind. At first the moving stuff went smoothly and I expected to settle into my new life rather quickly, but fast forward 8 months and still working on moving. I haven't seem my father much because he is working across the country. My father and I were always close, I hoped that the move be over quickly and I would get to see my father again. But the move has damaged my relationship with him. And to add on top of that my school has taken a blow because I have so much on my mind, I could very well fail several subjects because of this. This adds to my worries in life, because this doesn't look good on a college application. The icing on the misery cake is that I have to leave a girl I really like. So what I'm getting at is make sure that you know the whole story before you jump to conclusions because you will never know the whole story. So stop with all the hate unless you want to put yourself in my shoes, and let me tell you, these are shoes you don't want to be in.


  1. Sorry to hear that Icicle. :(
    I pray life will be smoother for you in the future.

  2. I don't mean to rain on your parade or seem unsupportive, but if folks are complaining/trolling about the fact that you haven't been posting, putting up a post about "how hard you have it" is hardly a solution.

    You know how rough your life is. Your readers signed up for this blog to read about Nerf Stuff. It's likely that whomever has been giving you heat about Arctic Nerf's lack of posts doesn't care about you or your troubles in the first place. They're selfish and just want content.

    Besides, there are other authors on here. Just because you've had a rough run in your life right now doesn't mean Arctic Nerf's output has to screech to a halt. The lack of content here isn't one person's fault, but a collective problem across the board with a staff that promised activity that left us sitting and waiting.

    1. I understand what you are saying zook, I was nearly explaining why I have failed to post much.

  3. I have been busy with school, I'll put up a post today or tomorrow.