May 15, 2012

Trolling will not be taken

----note minor language ahead-----

If you may have noticed that the last two posts were deleted this is not because they were bad posts but rather the comment delete button was not working. If you may recall about 8 months ago we had some issues with Echo of echo nerf, and he now hates us for some reason, the past trolling that has been posted I believe are from him, but if they are from some other d-bag they will receive the same treatment, from here on out anyone who acts like a d-bag and trolls on here will be BANNED from this site. I want to make this clear that I will not allow trolling on this site, anyone who does so will be felt with accordingly. This is a warning to all of the trolls out there, if you mess with AN you will pay the price.

Until next time, stay polite


  1. I believe you meant "will be DEALT with accordingly", but yes, I agree with you.

    I too had got some bad tolling comments. Thats why I approve every comment, so no trash is posted on Pacific Nerf

    1. I mean dang auto correct, it was messing with my words.