March 21, 2012

Free commission!! and more news

If you didn't notice the poll on the side of the blog, then you should know that the poll was asking when you would like a free commission. The options were at 10,000 views and at 20 followers. The results showed that you want it at 20 followers, since we are currently 11 followers we need your help. 

If you want this free commission then spread the word about this blog. The more followers we get the more free commissions we give out! I know that the production of this blog has gone down, but I am working on TONS of Nerf stuff so there should be more posts soon.

Also in a past post I said my radioactive longhsot would have a cpvc breech, but I changed my mind and decided to just put a stub of brass in the existing breech However I will be putting a cpvc breech in my Halo Longhsot once I start on it. I plan on it being more of a sniper rifle than a battle rifle as it will feature a prototype cpvc breech that Ice has come up with.                    
Until next time stay cool-Icicle


  1. I just followed, I've never done anything with NERF guns before, but it might be something I'd be interested in. Thanks the the free offer!

  2. Seems like you guys have hit 100 followers. just gotta get those views up!