February 6, 2012


I'm assuming most of you already know what the "Elite" series is. Here's my take on it. If it does hit 75 feet:

1. That range has to be angled, Hasbro is stupid, they typically measure angled ranges.

2. Looking at the guns size, they use the same plunger system. Thus, the AR must be removed or the prongs that the darts hit must be longer. There also would have to be a more powerful spring. This means that us modders would have very little to do to these guns.

3. These guns will also be more expensive for sure. It probably won't be worth it.

4. If the AR is modified, the plastics will need to be more durable, thus OMW probably can't make kits for these guns because the ranges are already top notch and the plastic will already be more durable.

Honestly, these guns look cooler. But that's the only benefit. Keep in mind that we don't even know if these guns are real yet, but it could be the "Big News" Hasbro was talking about on their Facebook page.

I've been grounded for the past month, but I'll be back soon with posts like:

A pump action, CPVC'd Longshot with at least 100' ranges

A clip system Barricade

An attempt at a Praxis mod


A Drop Clip Barricade.


  1. Actually, Hasbro typically lists realistic ranges. All the range claims up until this point have been believable. Why would they all of a sudden change their ranges listed as angled?

  2. Hasbro's reported ranges usually they are off by 10 feet. I think that they do angle their blasters a tiny bit, but not that much. I think these new darts are the main reason of the 75 feet.

    Think about it, a stock Recon, even if angled, will never hit 75 feet...
    Unless you dart punch it, have a tail wind and have a magical streamline that curves up.