January 14, 2012

Marshmallow bow or crossbow

So I(icicle) won a marshmallow crossbow a few years back in a contest and thought it would make a cool nerf gun.

Being a bit under the weather I got this idea, I let ice^3 work on it. He did a fine job on he used a marker barrel on it and held it in place with hot glue. The gun got about 35feet flat and 40 angled, this would have made a nice secondary for any nerfer. I left this alone in my closet for about 1 1/2 years until about 2 days ago when I found it and knew how to make it better. I lubed up every moving part and seal with white lithium grease.

Then I added a half inch cpvc coupler that is held in place by hot glue and goop.

The seal on it coupler is air tight and there is no way from to escape. The cpvc barrel causes some leakage because it does not create a perfect seal like the coupler did. The gun is now in bow form which was accomplished by removing the bottom trigger mech. This can be easily put back into crossbow mode. The gun it's self with a better dart seal and smoother barrel movement can punch 85 flat and 100 angled.

 With such powerful rages this gun can now be a primary that is small and compact. I plan on making this my new secondary only because my primary is my longshot. Another side note about this bow is that while it does have a small grip it is extremely comfortable to hold.

Until next time stay cool my friends.