January 1, 2012

What I decided to do with my leaky Magstrike. (Updated! Added a new pic of my Longshot)

I (IceCubed) bought a Magstrike from Icicle's brother. As it turned out there was a leak in the connection between the pump and bladder. I tried fixing it with hot glue and then later I tried epoxy putty. It still leaked. So I decided to bypass the pump AND the bladder. How? Find out after the split.

That's right, a full auto attachment for the Titan. I also added a tac. rail, an SM3k tank (Onto the hornet attachment tube) and a LS stock. The old stock was uncomfortable. The video pretty much explains it all, any questions? Comment or email IceCubed@arcticnerf.com

EDIT: I found one more picture of my old Longshot. This was following a paintjob for a war in the snow.

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  1. wow thats cool, nice way to get the magstrike working again.
    - jds8585