April 18, 2012

The great dart swap round 2!

It is back and better than ever! If you may recall not too long ago I post about the first dart swap, but things didn't go so great. Only three people took part in it myself included. I got me some really nice darts from neo creations. Imodify is having another go at it this time here is what he has to say.

Hey guys! The dart swap returns, I hope now that I have more followers I'll have more ppl that wanna join.

If you don't remember how it works here's how it works!


1.They have to be nerf darts or stefans

2.If you are sending nerf darts they have to have something special about them
It could be colored, Modded, Anything special you can think of

3.The darts can not be damaged, but can be vintage.

4.You must send 10 or more darts to your swap partner.

5.You must give me a name to call you bye.

6. Please send a note of what you have sent with your darts!
How it works
You tell me you want to join at nerfmods12@live.com

You must give me your full mailing address .

You have until 23,april,2012 to tell me you want to be apart of this swap.

Sounds like it has the making to become an annual event, can't wait to send out my darts!

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