April 18, 2012


Hey guys it's Dylan or my new name frost_nerfer, today I am giving you guys an update about my WIP blasters. As some of you may know my maxshot is my current primary for NIC wars, well, lets just say its time to change :). Last black Friday I was at target and I was looking at the Maniac/Berserker (ugly) and I was so close to getting one when I decided not to. Turns out that when I went to the mall toy store called Toyzam they also had they berserker but, it was the old stlye and was not horrendous to look at, so I picked it up. When I went home and got a chance to play with I saw how fun it really was. Until yesterday I had lost intrest in it because I lost the darts.
So mods I plan on doing are adding 1/2 inch cpvc barrels to the turret and couplering the middle blaster.
I hope to get 60 ft out of the turrets and 100ft out of the 4B

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