July 12, 2012

Q&A results

The first three are from imodify, and the next three are from portal.

Favorite food?
1. I really love steak! But if we are talking about like a dish, then there is a dish at a Mexican joint back in Ohio that served the best steak burrito.
Nerf or off brand?
2. As much as I love nerf, I love the modding potential of off brand blasters, while vintage nerf blasters are still near my heart, I like off brand blasters more.
Favorite blaster?
3. My favorite blaster I own is my SNAPbow made by Louiec3 of nerfrevoulution.com. if we are talking about non homemade then, it is most likly that my rayven is my favorite blaster.
Where do I see this blog heading?
4. I believe that this blog is headed in a good direction, but needs to have more consistent posts.
Who is my nerfing hero?
5. My nerfing hero is undoubtedly boblolo, he is wacky, fun goofy, and over all a great nerfer. But in my eyes the greatest nerfer is nerfomania, no one has his dedication or skills in the entire nerfing community, and before you complain about why coop772 isn't listed here you should know why. He is a very rude and cocky nerfer who has very poor public relations.
Future projects?
6. As of right now I have only one project going on, my radioactive longshot. But that may go on the back burner because I plan on making a homemade soon and my longshot will require a ton of special parts that need to be made for it.


  1. Interesting stuff. Little surprised there were only 6 questions though.