September 2, 2011

Coming Soon!!!!

Ok guys, this is a brand-new nerf blog that will bring you information from every aspect of nerf.

I, The Incognito Burrito will discuss Mods, Repairs, Paintjobs, Homemades (Darts and Guns), Answer questions, Write Reviews and be the overall Administrator.

My two friends, The Anonymous Hip-Hop-opotamus and The Zeeba Eeta, will join me.

Hippo will share external mods and reviews, whereas The Zeeba Eeta will do commentary, mods and reviews.

You can expect a lot from us, Over the next few weeks we'll be posting some really unique content, such as:

  1. A new way to make Longshot's Pump action,
  2. An amazing Nitefinder upgrade,
  3. And, what we've all been waiting for: How to repair broken rotation mech's in vulcans!!!!
  4. Crazy awesome background music (Give feedback if we should keep it or remove it)
Read on for more info about the site.

    In my reviews, I will share not only ranges (Not FPS like some other sites), but also what the gun is best used for (I.E. Sniping, assault, Sniper secondary, etc.)

    Over the next year I plan to remake BoltSniper's BS-1 so that it accepts Standard Nerf Magazines, The BS-1 is Co2 powered, so it shoots really far, really fast. The only thing that will slow you down is working the action to reload darts. I plan to use the larger Co2 tanks so you can get more than 20 shots without needing a new tank.

    Should be a good year, looking forward to it!

    Burrito Out.


    1. The BS-1 would work better air powered due to the price of co2 along with the difficulty of hooking up the co2

    2. There is no difficulty hooking it up, I'll buy a cheap paintball gun and rebuild it. And the price is insubstantial compared to the epicness of the gun.

    3. hey burrito its cal can i be a co-author?

    4. Well, The three of us (The current authors) actually know each other. If we add people who we don't know in real life, then we might wind up with issues like AWN. So I'm sorry, but for the sake of keeping the burrito cooking, I don't think I can add more people. But I'll ask the others and get they're opinions then get back to you..

    5. Burrito-Love Steve(the spider)-Awesomeness