September 4, 2011

Nerf armor

As most noobs will find out, in a war: you will get pelted with nerf bullets and you will die. I am here to extend your life in a nerf battle. Something people have started carrying in wars is armor. Nerf armor can be anything from cardboard to old cafeteria trays, this article will give an overview of the types of armor.

 Nerf does make body armor, it is just chest only but has a greater range of motion and flexiblity
the next step up from that is another nerf product: the tactical vest.
this provides more protection due to it being larger than the dart tag vest but the flexibility goes
down since it is heavier due to its size and weight, which can be added to if you choose to carry clips
and darts.
there has been some talk that these should not be allowed in nerf fights as armor, please
feel free to state your opinion in the comments.
And now, the best nerf armor ever made: the halo armor. Most choose to ignore it because they believe that is is hard to make
but there is an easy method to do this: Link. And for a more in depth build look here.
now some of you may think "how on earth will a person move in this!?!?"
but the suit allows for more mobility than you may think.
The only downside to halo armor is the cost. Burrito is currently working on armor that will provide a lot of protection, with good mobility, at a low cost. The only downside will be that it may not look the best. (It will be made from PVC, that is cut in half.
Before spending the time making armor, check with whoever organizes wars in your area and find out if armor is allowed. Some wars will play that armor will fail after being hit a set number of times.

So if you are having the foam pelted out of you then try the armor types listed above or if you think you have a better armor then please tells us in the comments below.

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