September 8, 2011

Nitefinder ex-3 (UPDATED! MORE PICTURES)

Ok, since I didn't get all the pictures that I needed, I'll be borrowing some from other nerfers. This will show you how to mod a nitefinder. I achieved 60 feet flat. It started at 30 feet flat.

Step one: Take out all 14 screws

Step two: Remove the two screws from the plunger tube (the large orange tube)

Step three: Take the plunger tube, slide a screwdriver down the barrel and hammer the screwdriver until you can easily see through the tube, or use a 3/8'' drill bit.

Step four: If you move your plunger tube out of the front of your gun, you will get more air delivery:

Step five (optional): You can cut off the old barrel and attach a half inch CPVC coupler (like in the picture), then cut 6 inches of CPVC and attach it.
I also cut off the wings (where the screws go) and slide the plunger tube forward so there would be more airspace used.

Step six: If you wrap some electrical tape around the plunger head, you get better ranges, don't use too much though. Two times around should be enough.

You can also cut a new catch slot. I used a utility knife, a dremel would have been better though.

Smooth out the old catch so it wont snag, then cut a new catch as shown in the picture.

 NOTE: If you plan to do step eight, you need to put stiff wire (I used a coat hanger) in the priming bar:

Step seven: Reassemble the gun.

Step eight: Attach rubber bands to the priming bar with zipties. Then stretch them out and put the other end under the barrel. Another option would be to add another spring to the plunger, I used 4 twists from an AR-15 spring.

Step nine: Shoot your cat.

I integrated a SuperMaxx under mine.

War Practicality:
I think this gun is great for wars, the supermaxx gets great range and amazing accuracy. If a dart jams, you can swap barrels. Rof (rate-of-fire) will improve once I get a part for an RSCB or deodorant clip. Both guns also work well for shotgun blasts, so you can have excellent accuracy at close range. Ranges are average for the NF, the SM3K gets great ranges (100' flat), but based on portability, it's an excellent choice.

Recommended Use:
Primary for Assault Trooper, (Run in, shoot as shotgun, run away)
Secondary Sniper, (For when stealth is blown, use tons of short darts as a shotgun to kill anyone who gets too close. Barricade might work better, for if you need to run to a new hiding spot.)
Secondary for Machine Gunner (nice for distance when used with a stampede or vulcan)

NOT recommended for use with:
Doomsayer (No other guns necessary)
Longshot (Barricade would compliment it better)

Future mods:
Custom Plunger Tube
Custom Plunger (Head and Rod)
Laser Upgrade
New spring upgrade

Have fun!


  1. Pretty Cool, where'd you find the SM?

  2. Acctually, I found it at a thrift store! It was only $4, but it was leaking. A blowtorch and hot glue fixed that :D