October 17, 2011

The Barrel Break Review

Today we are reviewing the Nerf Barrel Break. Currently, these break-action, Double Barrel shotguns are in original and sonic series versions. These are not bad shotguns. It is Nerf's improved version of the BuzzBee Doubleshot, lacking only the shells. The ranges are average (30'). I like the features of this gun, take the dart holder for example, It holds 10 darts in total. The gun is compact, with a sleek design.

Here is a tip for accuracy. If you want the Maximum Accuracy, you want to single the shots out rather than firing both darts at once. Like the Doubleshot, the Barrel Break can single-fire and double-fire as well.

One more thing, the Barrel Break is compatible with most dart types except streamline darts. If you want an Improved Doubleshot, buy the Barrel Break! You won't regret it.

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