October 7, 2011

Nerf Gun Rumors

Another post from Urban Taggers:
"what appeared on German Nerf forum Blaster.de was a very cool image of a new N-Strike blaster, the Rayven CS-18. In what looks like the first time another blaster other than the Firefly has opted for glow in the dark darts, it does look pretty cool and the answer to fans' requests for "Nerf should make a SMG" :)

The colour scheme does look abit like N-Strike and Vortex had a love child, but much of this could be due to the fact the box art is clearly "NOT FINAL". That also being said, this is the first time we've seen this, so it sits in the rumour mill till we can confirm or deny. The story behind it this leak though is however does come from a fella asking for info at his local retailer so it's looking pretty accurate thus far."


Thanks to Urban Tagger For the lead


  1. look closly at the front nozzle it looks like it is an attachment nozzle like on the recon or longshot and also nerf please make a us release!-Nerflover/canonmp830

  2. i believe that 18 rounds is too much for a gun that small, they should have a 12 or a 6 in it. the 12 would make the most sense because they could still put a glow effect onto a 12.

  3. The electric eel also has the glow in the dark thingy