October 4, 2011

Nerf Vulcan Rotation Mech. Repair

Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for.

There are at least three ways that the rotation mechanism (From here on, abbreviated RM) can break. Two can be fixed. One, to the best of my knowledge, cannot.

The first: The rotation arm completely snaps.

To repair: Use epoxy to put it back together.

Second: The spring that lowers a tooth to advance the chain has broken partially

To repair:  1. Open the gun, note that the screws from the barrel area do not need removed.

2. Remove the 11 screws circled in the following image.

Then remove the following parts:

Next, take out this arm:
Examine the tooth on the far right of the photo. Lift it up.Does the spring pull it back down? If so, this is not your issue. Is there even wire there? If there isn't, your gun is not able to be repaired. If the tooth doesn't fall back down, you will need to knock out the pin on the right, and unwrap one twist from whichever side is broken. Put the pin back in with the spring and tooth. Now, carefully guide the wire through either the hole in the tooth, or the ledge next to the tooth, where the spring is supposed to sit. Test the tooth again. If it works, trim the extra wire off and re-assemble the gun. If it doesn't work, check to make sure your spring at least resembles this picture:

If not, try re-wrapping it. If that doesnt work, or you have questions, comment and I'll try to answer.

3rd, as I mentioned above, is irreparable. If the spring is missing, then the gun is toast.

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