October 7, 2011

New Vortex Gun?

A reader from Urban Taggers sent an interesting image of a Nerf Vortex "Lumitron" to the UT blog. 

"It looks just like a Praxis, but with different colour scheme, without a stock and with an 20 round clip.

It's true names of blasters are often different depending on the country but i'm PRETTY sure the Praxis.. is called the Praxis in Germany. The image as you can see is 'Not Final' so it could just be that this was an early image of the Praxis that somehow ended up public. Or it IS an actual repaint. Or... it could be a place holder image and the "Lumitron" is a completely different looking blaster. Speculations!!!"


Thanks again to Urban Tagger for the great inside scoop.

1 comment :

  1. awseome considering my fav vortex blaster is the praxis-Nerflover/canonmp830